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Naturally, this comes out after I’ve already graduated…. 
I met Ross Blakenship, the founder and CEO of, last semester at Dean and Deluca. He shared with me the idea behind the website and I provided some feedback from student’s perspective.
I know, all too well, how much technology plays a role in collaborating and studying with other students. I’ve written entire group papers using Google Documents. (I’ve even been in a class where four of us used a Google Document to take shared notes.)
Ross says, “The idea for StudyHall came from my experiences at
Cornell using many different technologies to achieve one simple goal: getting better grades in class. I thought why not make studying
and collaboration simpler, easier and a better experience for students?”

At Georgetown, we pretty much relied on Blackboard for all student collaboration… and if anyone else uses that platform, you probably have shared some of the similar frustrations that I did. Unlike Blackboard, was built by students. The programming team consists of college students from Harvard, Yale, Georgetown, MIT
and Cornell. I love this!!!

My favorite features:

Course Pages | Every class has its own page with a great questions and comment
section for students to ask each other for help or talk about class easily with
one another. All your classmates are listed on the page as well, so it’s easy
to find a study buddy, or organize for group projects!
Documents | You can not only take notes directly on the platform, but
you can also upload old documents, and all of this information is stored on
your own personal cloud, so as long as you have internet you’ll be able to
access your notes anytime, anywhere. 
Study Sessions | Study Sessions are an
easy way to study with classmates instantly via a video chat with synchronous
document editing, so no matter where your group project
members are, you can all chat together while working on the same document
simultaneously. I love this because no one can use the “I’m out of town” excuse!!!
PS Great news! If you want to sign up for, you can get EARLY (and free-for-life!) access by using the code “prepster” during sign up!

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Paige Ladisic

This would be so useful!

We use blackboard and Sakai at UNC. Ugh. I hate them both – they make everything so difficult for students, and they're constantly crashing.


I think I ran into a glitch, everything I click leads me back to my profile page. If you know how to fix it or can get me in contact with someone else who can it would be greatly appreciated.



Wow, this is such a great idea! I'm a junior in college and am SO happy that you posted this. We used to use Blackboard in my High School (we follow our college) then when LSU switched over to Moodle, we followed suit. I'm loving Moodle a lot more than Blackboard, that's for sure!

kelli richard

I'm a student at LSU Health Sciences Center and as brilliant and wonderful as this idea is, it may be considered illegal at some schools! LSUHSC has a pretty intense policy about sharing notes and things from the teacher. I encourage everyone who looks into this website to check your school's (or class') policy on sharing materials. It may be different because it looks like it's based only on student-produced material, but I would hate for someone to get in trouble because of this!

Anyway I LOVE LOVE LOVE your website and visit almost every day! 🙂

Naomi Benson

Set yourself up before heading off to a study hall in the event that you know previously that you have no school work to do that must be finished. Bring your Tablet, an additional battery obviously, a great book, or your downtown pass on the off chance that you have one. This will make study hall significantly more pleasant for you and for your study hall boss too! Do my Coursework UK