Sick Day!

I feel like I’m playing a real life game of “What Came First? The chicken or the egg.” Was I exhausted in the beginning of the week because I was sick…. or was I sick because I wasn’t sleeping enough?
Regardless of why I’m sick, I am. It’s either a terrible cold or a mild flu. I can’t really tell…. but I’m not having that much fun with it. I think the only good thing is that it’s forcing me to rest. I took the afternoon off from work yesterday and slept a ton and worked from bed. (Walking the twelve feet to my kitchen is exhausting to say the least.)
I really dislike being “out of action.” But… as I said… it really is what my body needed. As much as I would like to believe that I was so tired because I was sick… the reality is that I think my body had enough and decided to do something about it.
I stumbled on this video and it’s beyond amazing. It seriously cheered me up and I think it will do the same for you!!!

Totally inspiring and completely beautiful, right?

I’m going to be taking things a little bit slower this week, so if you have any suggestions on blog posts or anything really at all that you want to share.. leave a comment 🙂


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Sara Frick

Can you do a post about Fall Fashion in Florida? I really love all things fall, the boots and scarves, but the weather in Florida is all "I'm a tropical paradise and I will have the sun radiate immense amounts of heat on you despite your desire to wear cute fall things."


Florencia Ramos

i really want to know how is the cost for living in manhattan i really wont to live there some day, but i have no clue, a lot of people tell me that its sooo expensive, but expensive? how much expensive? heheh tks sooo much, this would be so helpfull!!

Deonnah Davis

Hey Carly! I loved your post today just like I love all of your other post. That girl is so sweet and extremely smart!! I include your blog now into my morning routine. As I watch the news on TV, I sit on my iPhone or laptop to read your newest post and thumb through some old ones. I have to be careful because I could stay on your site all day. Thanks for all the helpful ideas and sharing your journey. You are truly amazing. Could you consider making a post on balancing media time? I sometimes get out of control with spending most of my day from my laptop to my phone between texting, Pinterest, Facebook, twitter,etc. Do you have any ideas on how to separate and enjoy life? Thank you! I hope you feel better. 🙂

Baltimore Prep

Feel better and take lots of airbourne! There is a nasty bug going around in Maryland, I had it last week and a good friend is on day 8 of the flu.


Ugh I have been so sick, too! LOVE the video…I did a ballet number from Coppelia a few years ago – what a sweet pea that little girl is!!


Get lots of rest Carly!
I hope you get better soon. Being sick is no fun so I'll be sure to send all my positive healing happy thoughts your way! 🙂

As for that video, TOO ADORABLE!
That girl is major amazingness <3