Coffee Table Book Selections

I get so many packages every week. It’s actually kind of embarrassing… the UPS guy thinks I’m hilarious. I walk over every morning and walk out of the store with my arms and totes loaded up with stuff.
This is definitely one of my most favorite recent packages. I’ve been wanting to get coffee table books to fill up little nooks in my apartment. One night a couple of weeks ago, I stayed up poring over websites searching high and low for cute coffee table books. I loaded up my shopping cart in 2AM delirium and kind of held my breath waiting for the box to show up. I mean, who can really trust late night shopping?
I wanted the books to be cute (apparently I judge coffee table books by their cover….), but also have relavant information. That is, I want to be able to flip through the books and actually be able to enjoy the content, while looking cute sitting their on their own.
The five coffee table books I chose:
Paris Versus New York | I’ve wanted this forever. I really want to go to Paris, and I’m obviously in love with New York. The graphics are super cute and very perfect.
I Want to Be Her! | I’m so excited about this. The illustrations are beyond cute. I think it’s also a great type of book… the author’s style is shaped by her friends and strangers!
The Perfectly Imperfect Home | I saw the author of this book on Martha Stewart and I’ve wanted to get it ever since. Again, there are adorable illustrations. (I’m noticing a trend!)
Eloise: The Ultimate Edition | Eloise & Ultimate in one title. I’m going to pinpoint this one as a #winner.
The Stylist’s Guide to NYC | So many places to go! I’m already compiling a list of places to check out.
What coffee table books are your favorite? I have been scouring Rue La La, Gilt, One Kings Lane, and Joss & Main for great deals!

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Love the books you picked for the coffee table. I wish I could display my books like that on the coffee table we are getting, but I am sharing the place with my bf lol. Have you seen the Paris vs. New York video? so cute!

Laura Moreno

Definitely try Urban Outfitters! They usually have really cool one! And there's an awesome book about the history of NYC that's written in English, Spanish, and French in one book. They sell it at all the museums. I absolutely love that book for my coffee table! And the Paris vs. New York one is super, super awesome!

Terri Michele

I just bought the FIT Ivy Style book (the madras cover is priceless) and Katharine Hepburn Rebel Chic. KH has been my style icon since I was a teenager.


I have had that edition of Eloise since 2002 when my Mother went to New York and got it for me while she was there (: Much love for Eloise!!!


When I moved into my apartment I was looking forward to decorating my coffee table, only to find out I would have to use my "coffee table" as a tv stand. I do have a little table beside my couch that I could use for books, but right now I'm using it for my magazines.


I drool over coffee table books too! Sad they're on the pricey side. I recently ordered a few to add to my bedside. I got two wedding/even related since that's what I do for work and I also got Nina Garcia's "The One Hundred" which I loved! I have my eye on The Domino Book of Decorating, Cupcakes and Cashmere, and Recipes for Parties.


I absolutely adore Taschen books – most of them are arty or fashiony of photagraphy but they also do travel one
I love my London, Paris, New York, Berlin set – they're just so gorgeous

Megan G.

These look like great coffee table books! I personally have the PostSecret books on my table, because I want someone to pick them up and read them! I might have to get Eloise: The Ultimate Edition for my own collection. 😉


Oh I really want that Stylist book! My husband really wants to go back to NYC, and I've never been there so this book would be helpful.

Love the pug, by the way. 🙂

Marisa Folz

You may or may not have read this one but I am in the middle of reading it now and I love it!! It is called Very Classy: Be a Lady, Not a Tramp by Derek Blasberg. Although a lot of the stuff my mother taught me (thank God) but I think that it is wonderful and quite hilarious. Check it out!

Julia D.

ELOISE! I actually don't have coffee table books, but yours look like good reads so, if nothing else, I definitely need to check them out for myself.