I have been absolutely terrible about sleep recently. I have definitely bit off way more than I can chew… and I’m paying the price.  (Note: if someone has any tips on how to say “No” better, please let me know.) If I get more than four hours of sleep, I consider it a good night. But… this has got to change.
Last week was beyond insane. I feel exhausted after a normal week, but last week was extra difficult, challenging, (fun), and I felt it. By Sunday, I was spontaneously crying. Every cell of my body was fighting to stay awake… I absolutely passed out on the bus back to NYC… for at least half of it, and spent the other half… working. Blah! 
I will be reevaluating where I’m spending time and I will be trying to set better standards for when I have to go to sleep and when I have to wake up. I really like my current morning routine, so I think I’m going to really have to focus on trying to get to bed before midnight.
The only way I can really see this happening is by learning how to both say no and to ask for help. I will keep you posted on how that goes.
Meanwhile, I’m still trying to get my apartment in some sort of okay-design-wise shape. This is not one of my strengths, by any stretch of the imagination. One thing I definitely need to add is pillows, both in my bedroom and for my couch!
I figured pillows were relevant for a post about exhaustion:
From Top to Bottom:
All this pillow talk is making me want to go to bed!!!

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I think it's important that you know that all your readers of College Prepster, Sweet Lemon, Prep Talk, Freshman 50 and every interview, freelance, tweet, Tumblr and Pinterest (am I forgetting anything?!) so appreciate everything you do and how hard you work! You've inspired many people, myself included, to work harder and be smarter. My average unweighted GPA went from a 3.3 to a 3.8 and I set myself up with an internship with a fashion designer because I've seen through you where hard work and passion can take someone. Pleasepleaseplease do get more sleep, though. Priorities! Your health over anything else. 🙂


This is a horrible example as it is 2am, but I completely understand overcommitting! I stepped up as vice president of my sorority, took on a second job and am training the treasurer who took over for me when I moved into my VP position. All on top of 15 credits, a first job (I now work 26 hours a week… when did that happen!?) and several social circles (which are just as important as work and school)! You do it all because you LOVE it. You WANT to do these projects and want to do them to the best of your abilities. Every two weeks or so, I take a break for a day from one huge thing, whether it's school, work, extracurricular, social life – whatever! I destress and come back with an open mind. You know you love these activities and don't want to stop, you just need a refresher to clear your mind! And sleep – I try to go to bed at midnight, but usually it's 1am. Set a goal and stick to it, once it's a habit it's much easier to work around!


I feel for you! I'm in grad school right now and am going through something similar myself. One of the best suggestions I can make (and you already mentioned this) is to go to bed an hour or two before midnight. They say the sleep you get before 12 a.m. is significantly more restful. I wish I did this more myself. Also, you probably already do this, but I try to give myself about a half an hour to read and unwind before shutting off my light. That way I don't go from full throttle to abrupt halt.

Also, as far as learning to say no more (and I have a problem doing this too), I have found that the less I try to explain why I'm saying no, the better. The more reasons I give for saying no, the more angles I give someone to try and "help" me find a way around the reasons. For the most part, I try to stick with "I'm sorry, but I have a lot of things on my plate at the moment, and I don't think I can commit to that right now."

Good luck to you! I know life after college got significantly busier for me, and it was a challenge to learn how to balance life in a new environment. Hang in there – it will get better. And get some more sleep! 🙂


Jodi is so right by saying you don't need to explain to people why you are saying no. You also need to let yourself off the hook, don't feel guilty for saying no. Say no, let it go and move onto your next thing. I am 50 years old (been a prep all my life) and really enjoy your blog as I have 2 college daughters and also one in high school. I can tell you that I have been there, done that, but everyone needs to figure out themselves how big their stress box is. Also, try to stay off the computer, TV and phone an hour before bed…and a lavender and epsom salt bath before bed doesn't hurt either!


This is sooo me!! so funny this just popped up! I am soo tired this Tuesday morning. I have been going to bed at midnight every night! I have to get out of this bad habit!!any more tips???

Ashley Vickney

This is what I do also, and I've taught myself to realize when I've spread myself too thin. You can't give your all to a job unless you are at your best. When you need to say no, simply say I would love to, but I know that I have too much going on to do my best, and that is what this project deserves.
Just a thought!

The Yuppie Files

The best thing to do is to set a bedtime and stick to it, no matter what else is on your plate. You won't be getting anything done well if you're exhausted! Just say you're overloaded right now and the person who asked you will have to accept that.

You've gotta take care of yourself!

Kelsey Odorczyk

saying no is one of my biggest challenges because i always worry about what others will think of me. when i talked to someone about it (i have high anxiety…shocker) she just told me to think of the most extreme, worst possible thing that could happen. it makes your worry seem almost silly and it helps me be less nervous about saying no. and i think about what would make me most happy, and sometimes, thats sleeping.

Paige Ladisic

I used to never be in bed before midnight because I was social and went out. Now I feel like I'm never in bed before midnight because I'm constantly doing work! Sometimes, I guess we just have to look at what the priorities are and set aside everything that doesn't absolutely have to be done – just to get a few extra hours of sleep.


I find that "tricking" myself is very helpful for this kind of thing. Block out a few hours before bed at least one night a week. Write this in your planner, because you WILL be tempted to "squeeze one more thing in". If anyone asks you to do something during that time, or that will force other activities into that time-spot, you can honestly say "Oh, I'd like to but I have a commitment."

Then, when you get to that time of the week, cook something super easy for dinner with little clean up. Depending on how good you are at letting things go (I'm assuming since you're having this problem that letting things go is not your specialty), you may have to play a further trick on yourself. When I first began doing this, I was tempted to zone out in front of the internet or the tv. I got used to letting it go by pretending that the electricity was off in my house. I turned off everything except my alarm clock and the heat/air. Really, one can read by candlelight for a while, but in the dark, with no distractions, you'll get jumped by the sleepy rabbits pretty quickly.

Good luck

Amanda Wasmer

I have this problem too! Only it's not saying no to other people, it's saying no to myself! I'm always taking up another hobby, or starting another project, or scheming another thing to take on. And I always want to do those things better/faster than everyone else can do them. I don't necessarily end up regretting it, but I'm usually exhausted!

Love the pillows. I've found that my bed is always more inviting/attractive when it's decked out in cute pillows and a fluffy duvet. 🙂


Def need your sleep girl!! You def need to take breaks or even say no to things. I've been there when I just didn't get any sleeps just to help people or work on things I know could wait.

Like the other stated set a time for your bedtime, and stick with it. Like you stated in your blog "your body will adjust itself". Also not having any sleep = you are likely to get sick!!!


Julia D.

Based on the comments, I think you already know you aren't alone; however, I'm going to join in on the chorus of people saying "that is so me." I can completely relate. I have no tips, just encouragement and support to offer in the form of telling you that you aren't the only one struggling with this, not to invalidate your struggle, but to legitimize it. Good luck! Pass on any tips you come across? Clearly many of your readers could use them.