In an effort to explore my personal style more, I have been trying out new clothing brands. Specifically for dresses. Some of these I’ve already shared before, but I wanted to make it a full blog post because I know more of you are also in the same style journey.

There are just so many brands out there right now and I’ve outgrown (age and lifestyle-wise) a lot of my old go-tos. For a while that left me feeling… maybe adrift? J. Crew continues to be my number one place to find dresses (I’m sure that won’t surprise you!), but I wanted to explore different options, too.

I do want to mention I’m in a unique position where brands often ask to send clothing items. In recent years, I’ve politely declined most giftings…. however, in this new discovery stage, I was curious to try and I was happy to accept the gifts to learn more about the different brands. And I get to share the best of the best with you!


If you have a special event coming up, I can’t recommend Abbey Glass’ dresses enough. I am blown away by the quality. The perfect balance of structure and flow. Above I’m wearing the Charlotte Gown (c/o).


Cartolina has a ton of beautiful and sophisticated resort dresses. A little more on the expensive side of brands, but I have been so impressed with the quality and special little details. The dress I’m wearing above (c/o) has the most darling little flower buttons that could have easily been a regular button, but the flowers elevate it just so!


I actually had a few Hunter Bell pieces years ago that I loved, but then it fell off my radar for a bit. So this is a bit of a reintroduction. Wow, I’m obsessed! They make a statement, while still being quite wearable for all kinds of occasions. I’m wearing this tiered dress (c/o).


Are you sick of me talking about DOEN? Because…. Wow, I can’t get enough. This has been probably the “breakout star” of my personal shopping in 2023. This flirty dress (c/o) really spoke to me. DOEN dresses are a bit more laid back and flowy (often unlined, they breathe and move!) yet have a delicate feminine vibe, too.

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I really love all 4 dresses in this post! Each one is so fun but also it seems like they would last the test of time!