DIARY No. 101 (Nantucket Edition)

These posts are always an accumulation of fun pictures from my Camera Roll over the course of two weeks…. and this week’s installment lined up nicely with our two week vacation on Nantucket.

I snapped soooo many pictures that I had a hard time narrowing it down, so I did my best to represent our trip here.

There is nothing better than an outdoor shower!!! I love starting my mornings with one (and a cup of coffee!) and then again rinsing off after spending a day at the beach!

I got to the island just in time to swing by the Lycette Designs pop up at Alice Walk!

Soooo many trips to the beach– we went to one at least once a day. Our rental house is pretty close to Surfside Beach, so that’s where we’d end up most afternoons, but we also love venturing to other beaches as well.

Mike was in charge of setting up our little station every day. Nothing fancy, but perfect!

We went for a ride with Endeavor Sailing again this year. It’s a fantastic activity for anyone who wants to get on the water! They do private charters and group charters; highly recommend. This year they started souvenir flags, which I thought was genius! We went with Mackenzie, her husband, and two of her three boys. The boys all had a blast– and most importantly, no one went overboard!

Speaking of toddler friends… Little V’s nephew was on island the same time that we were and we got together so frequently. They hit it off and instantly became little buddies. It was also nice for me because I got to see Little V and her SIL whom I’m friends with too…. a win/win!

I will say, this trip was exhausting with a toddler. I was taking advantage of his nap time to nap myself. We had the BEST time and it was worth it, but whew it wasn’t exactly easy.

We had a ton of great meals! Mike’s college roommate’s niece lives on Nantucket year round, so she babysat Jack while we went out for date nights. We hit up our favorite places, like Proprietors, and tried some new places, too. Wish I had taken more photos of our meal at Via Mare. Absolutely delicious!!! If you go, get the spring salad. I’m still dreaming of it.

The hydrangeas weren’t great this year, but the climbing roses were some of the best! ‘Sconset especially was looking extra beautiful!

We had a FUN and low key Fourth of July. We went into town for the water fight that the fire department puts on. I wasn’t sure what to expect (or if Jack would even enjoy it….), but it was a hit for all of us!

I loved getting to catch up with Georgie! She invited me to her house for coffee and I got to see her amazing coffee mug collection!!

I had hopes of being able to stitch a bit on this trip, but I also knew it was going to be unlikely with a toddler. I did finally get a few rows of stitches in, though, which I considered a win. (This is what I’m stitching!)

Lobster rolls at Cisco were a MUST!

Mike’s friends were in town for our last weekend and we all went out to Galley Beach! We did not luck out with the sunset… it was so cloudy and foggy. But we still had the best time!

The white hydrangeas were the best!

So many trips to Sconset Market– the perfect early morning place to bring toddlers. We would go and get a little snack (and coffee….) and then walk around or go to the playground.

And finally… my favorite beach! Steps Beach is just so beautiful and worth the hike, every time.

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Thank you for sharing, Carly. These posts always leave me with a happy smile. I love them!

Helen V

Went to Nantucket on Sat, July 8. It was a day trip from Cape Cod. Took a public bus to Sconset and walked to Sankaty Head Lighthouse thru Bluff Walk. It was a very long walk but worth! Planning to go back sometime soon😊

Dr Ann

I love your pictures and the red and white striped hoodie. From where did you purchase it?