ON MY RADAR 7.14.23

We are back home and diving into our everyday routine. We had a blast on Nantucket and I could have easily stayed another two weeks. Our return to reality was fun though… I came home to a lot of updates on my office space, it’s hot hot hot, and our backyard hydrangeas popped while we were gone! All very exciting and softened the blow of being home.

Kitchen details!

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Staud Pickleball

You know I’m on my pickleball grind right now. And that means I’m always looking for great pickleball products. (It’s half the fun for me 🤣.) This might take the cake for the best out there. Is it ridiculous? Yes! Do I love it? 100%! The Leather Trimmed Canvas Tote…. I mean, chic AF. Or this leather paddle caseDrooling. And then how fun is this little handbag with mini paddle mirror? I can’t!

TWO // Diane Keaton Hat Reel

How did I miss this Reel originally?! Diane Keaton shared this “wandering hat” on her Reels and it’s cracking me up. I think it was an art installation of some sort? Either way, highly entertaining and, personally, I am here for the sun protection!

THREE // Seashell Needlepoint Canvases

These seashell canvases are stunning. I am bogged down in trying to finish Mike’s Christmas stocking plus I have a little waiting list of small projects to work on, too. I wish I had time to stitch these seashell canvases though! So perfect and could be finished in a ton of different ways– I think I would frame them all! (You could also buy the canvases individually!)

FOUR // Making Cording Using Ribbon

Another needlepoint entry, apologies for non-stitchers! I saw this in a Facebook group I’m in and I was intrigued. It’s a cool technique to use ribbon instead of thread to create cording for needlepoint finishing. I feel like this could be a cool way to really elevate and personalize your finishes.

FIVE // Babydoll Bow Dress

This is a relatively affordable dress and it is darling. White would be perfect for brides (or anyone going on vacation this summer) and the black would be a chic, cute dress for a Girls’ Night Out. Obsessed….

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That mini Staud bag – how cute! And of course love the sea shell needlepoint canvases.

Irene Kelly

Your blog just popped up on my phone, and I am so glad it did. cannot wait to have the time to read more ! How do I sign up to receive your posts ? From one Jersey Girl to another stay cool & Take Good Care !