I wanted to share a few things I’ve watched over the past couple of months in case you’re looking for something to add to your queue. I’m still slowly but surely working my way through Sabrina on Netflix and Brothers & Sisters (on Hulu)… I have been trying to read more instead of TV, but obviously haven’t eliminated the comfort completely.



ON POINTE (Disney+)

binged this while I was on my Christmas break in December. I highly, highly recommend watching this if you’re even remotely interested in ballet. The series follows students from the School of American ballet as the audition and prepare for the Nutcracker. Disney, of course, did a great job casting the show. The dedication of these kids (and their parents) is amazing. I loved every second of it. Made me partly wish I had never quit ballet in middle school and partly wish the world was back open so I could take beginner adult classes somewhere.



One of my close friends clued me into the “Free Britney” movement over the past year. This documentary-style episode by the NY Times shed new light on Britney’s conservatorship. The episode also dives a bit deeper into the rise of her career into the darker period of her life when things began to unravel. It takes a critical look at the role of the media and paparazzi as well as conservatorship abuse.



As an influencer, I was super interested in watching Fake Famous. Ultimately… I thought it was kind of terrible. It had such potential and it barely scratched the surface. Felt like it was trying to do two separate things: be critical of the influencer space and be a reality tv show type “makeover” show. I wish it had followed real influencers and taken a more behind the scenes angle– there is huge potential there, in my opinion. OR gone for a reality show like America’s Next Top Model but for influencers. This just fell flat for me. And if you buy all your followers, like they did in this show, are you actually an influencer? Maybe you appear to be, but I’d argue by definition you are not since who exactly are you influencing if your audience is a whole lot of bots?

The guy behind the documentary says multiple times that faking it is what everyone does (either through buying likes or editing your body or misleading about exclusivity (traveling, private gym training, etc.) and I just disagree. Does it happen? YES. Does “everyone” do this? No.



I mentioned that Mike and I have been watching this show together. We’re nearly finished with it and I’m so bummed. It’s been such a highlight of the winter for us. The show’s host is Phil Rosenthal, the creator of Everybody Loves Raymond. He visits different cities and countries to explore the culture through the lens of food. Phil is such a goofy guy– so much so that at first it may be a little off putting– but with each passing dad joke, you fall more and more in love with him!! It’s a fun way to scratch the itch of wanting to travel and eat in restaurants too. (Though I don’t recommend watching while you’re hungry! I always finish episodes totally craving the cuisines he eats!)

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Megan Elliott

My husband and I enjoyed Phil SO much we turned around and watched it all over again! Just as good and you pick up a few new insights:).


If you love Somebody Feed Phil than check out Anthony Bourdain’s series No Reservations and Parts Unknown if you haven’t seen them yet. I think Parts Unknown is better, since it dives more into the context of the city/country but both are amazing. Love his style and how he highlights unique food.

Stephanie D.

So a couple weeks ago, I saw a Facebook post on my town’s community bulletin board for an 8 week beginner Irish dance class. I used to figure skate & dance as a kid, and have always been intrigued by Irish dance. I figured this was my sign to try it, so I signed up and it has been SO FUN. They have a socially distanced in-person option (with masks) as well as virtual. This is a class they offer a couple times a year, so I highly recommend if it’s something you think you’d be interested in down the road 🙂


Have you tried watching Selena + Chef? Sometimes she stresses me out the way she works in the kitchen but I really love seeing her learn how to cook new dishes and most of the chefs who come on to teach her are wonderful! I have been loving sitting down to watch an episode every few days.

Gina Moore

Seriously so obsessed with Phil and his show. It’s the absolute best. I want him to keep going! Also I think I watched On Pointe because of you- it was soooo good!


On Pointe was so good! I was blown away by the talent and commitment of both the kids and the parents. And Somebody Feed Phil is my new go-to program when the pandemic starts to get to me. He’s like a big kid. So kind and curious. Thank you for the recommendations.


Lots of companies/schools are offering virtual adult ballet classes! I know it’s not quite the same experience as going to a class in-person, but it’s fun and supports the arts! I’ve been taking some with San Francisco Ballet, and it’s been great!


Am I remembering correctly that you were in talks to be on some sort of blogger reality show years ago?? Totally agree that there’s an audience for either type of show.


My husband and I LOVE Somebody Feed Phil!! So glad to see it getting some love, as it feels like it’s largely under the radar… 🙂


If you liked on pointe, be sure to watch hot chocolate nutcracker on Netflix. It’s a very similar concept, but with mostly kids of color, and more diverse dance styles (but still lots of ballet).

It was such a great happy cry movie! The kids they feature are so lovable. Adorable, talented, devoted, and inspiring. You get so caught up in their dreams and journeys.


Be sure to check out “I’ll have what Phil’s Having” when you finish “Somebody Feed Phil” it’s the same concept and the same cast, just with a different name!


Do you watch Top Chef? Padma Lakshmi’s show on Hulu (“Taste the Nation”) was SO good. Light, beautiful, explorative and focuses on small digs around the country. I haven’t seen Somebody Feed Phil, but sounds like it’s just as feel-good and inspiring!