Four Shows to Watch

I have been on a bit of a TV kick lately. I love to needlepoint while watching TV and the past couple of weeks, I have been relaxing so, so much just by stitching and watching. I have three recommendations based on recent viewings:


This is a show you’ve already heard me mention a couple of times here. The Baby-Sitters Club was such a huge part of my childhood. We had the show and movie on VHS and watched all the time. My bookshelves were lined with the books (and spin-offs). It definitely inspired me to get into babysitting, which I did from fifth grade as a mother’s helper through college when I’d nanny in the summer. Did I plan on watching the show even if it was for kids? Yes. Did I expect to love it as much as I did? No. IT IS SO GOOD. I think they did such a great job modernizing a classic, while still keeping pretty close to their roots. The series talks about everything from periods to protesting! Oh and the actors are just as talented as they are adorable.

LENOX HILL (Netflix)

A few of my friends had recommended Lenox Hill. It took me a couple of tries to get into it. (Solely because I do get a little queasy with medical footage.) But oh my word it is phenomenal. Every. Single. Episode. I can’t remember the last time I sobbed so much during a tv show. It’s a documentary style footage following a group of doctors at Lenox Hill hospital in NYC. The last episode actually covers the pandemic in NYC.


After seeing this on the homepage of Netflix for a couple of days, I gave this show a try. It’s a reality dating show featuring young adults with autism. It is one of the most wholesome shows ever. My only issue? It’s only five episodes! I wanted more! You will fall in love with the entire cast, including the parents. Navigating the dating world is hard for everyone, but even more so for people on the spectrum with social struggles. I loved that the show really highlights the human element of it (everyone can relate to an awkward first date!) without sugar coating the challenges these particular young adults face.


I sat down to watch Beyoncé’s visual album Black Is King on Disney+ and…. wow. JUST WOW. It is a musical and visual masterpiece. The kind of experience that will take your breath away and have you restarting from the beginning to watch again. The modern retelling of Lion King moves fast and I know missed things the first time around. I already can’t wait to watch it again.

Have you watched anything great lately?

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My teen daughter and I loved the BSC show too! I do wish the producers had stayed a bit truer to Dawn’s character but we enjoyed it.

Erin Rice

Goliath – Legal drama written by David E. Kelley and jon Shapiro
Broadchurch – British crime drama very good each has 3 seasons so lasts a while

Christine S.

Have you watched Never Have I Ever on Netflix? It is SO GOOD and so funny!


Thank you so much for sharing Lenox Hill!! I am a medical student and I had no idea about this show, so I have been binge watching since yesterday…
If you want a mix between Lenox Hill and Love on the spectrum you might enjoy The Good Doctor, which is about an autistic doctor and it is available on amazon prime video. It’s one of my favourites!

Btw, have you been listening to the Michelle Obama podcast yet?


Loved the bsc! I hope they get a second season. Sort of a different genre but I also loved “Turn”. It’s An AMC show but it’s on Netflix now and is the story of the Culper Spy ring from the revolutionary war… there is a bit of violence that’s a little graphic but it was so interesting!