Slow Sunday Mornings

My schedule is starting to fill back up– not necessarily with in person things, but I definitely feel a greater sense of “new” normalcy settling in. However, I still try to keep my weekends work-free(ish). If I do have to work, I will front load it and get as much done as possible on Saturday so I have Sunday as a break before Monday kicks into full gear.

Carly Heitlinger sits on the daybed in her office wearing pajamas with her two dogs and a cup of coffee!

I have loved bows since birth– my mom put up pink bow wallpaper in my bedroom and I swear it brainwashed me from Day 1 to love bows. Right now I’ve been on a major blue bow kick… and you guys are fueling my obsession. Every day I get a handful of DMs from readers showing me some new product featuring bows. It’s my ultimate weakness at the moment.

Lo and behold when someone sent me these pajamas… I immediately ordered. They come in blue and pink bows and in three styles of pajamas. These are the classic pajamas– they are super, super soft.

(Oh and if you need bedding– it’s also available in sheets and duvets!)

And, ugh, these tea cups!!!! They’re a retired china pattern from Vista Alegre, but you can find them on from time to time and eBay. The pattern is very adorable!!

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