Thank You Notes

love sending thank you notes. I think the tradition has fallen a bit to the wayside (I tend to receive texts over actual cards, which I still appreciate just as much.) But I can’t kick the paper habit. When I applied to college, I signed up for the business school because I thought I had dreams of starting a stationery line. I’ve just always loved cards, notecards, and stationery so much.

My only problem with cute stationery? I want one of everything!!! Walking into a stationery store is dangerous for my wallet and there is only so much space I can store it in my office. Because I’ve been writing a ton of thank you notes lately, I thought I’d round up a few I love. I also want to share one trick… if you can’t find a thank you card that you love and really want it to say “thank you,” you can always choose a personalized stationery and instead of a name, you can customize the text to say “Thank You!” or whatever. Sometimes this opens up the options available to you.

I had these made for thank you cards from Mike and me!

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If you want to do things the classy/classic way, your cards should read Mike & Carley, NOT Carley & Mike.


This is absolutely not true- the woman’s name for a heterosexual couple appears first. The “classy/classic” way would also probably have her name spelled right! 🙄

Mary Katherine

I was taught that a woman’s name always goes first because you don’t separate the man’s first name from his last name (as in Carly and Mike Riordan), but I was also taught that stationery should only ever feature one person’s name or monogram, since the note is from one person. Who knows?! When I fret too much, I figure if someone spends their time judging my etiquette rather than being happy to hear from me, it’s their loss!

Patty Poorten

I’m old school and believe the woman’s name goes first too. Plus in your case, it sounds great too! Added bonus. Love this post. I’ve been trying to write more notes. Will shop your post! Thank you for the inspiration!


Not that it matters, but the “classy/classic” way is the woman’s name first. You don’t separate a man’s first and last names.


These are adorable, Carly! I love the ones with “Carly & Mike” at the top, such a sweet touch for engagement/wedding thank yous! My best friend and I have been sending each other little cards all through quarantine to feel less alone, getting something in the mail is the best feeling!


I work in real estate and make a point of sending handwritten notes, it goes a very long way! Many people in my office have a “one note a day” challenge – you can send them to pretty much anyone. Love this post!

Lisa Mari

I love sending and receiving actual cards! Love the “Carly&Mike” ones! And yes, stationery stores are dangerous,haha


Oh man, I’ve been married 4 years and still don’t have stationary that is from both of us or with my married name…oops! These are so cute and it is probably time for me to up my stationary game! I did get a little stamp thing from etsy with our names/address that made wedding invites and RSVPs so much easier and I still use it to this day.


I have an online business and when someone purchases something, I always send a hand-written thank you card. It adds a personal touch and helps to build a relationship with the customer.


I always signed my husband’s name first and then mine after we were married. I know it is old school. In this day and age who cares whose name is first. I agree with Mary Katherine’s comment. I love getting a hand written anything!!


Love this round up! I am totally with you in that I am all for paper thank you cards. Also, how cool would it be if you had your own stationary line?! Thanks for sharing!


Love those cards, but my question is… is that a rug under that? If so WHERE is it from! ( or what is it if it’s not a rug …)
I’m re-doing my color scheme in my apartment and those are the exact colors I’m going for! 🙂