Four TV Shows to Watch

Throughout most of this year, I was re-watching the entirety of The Office. It’s just so good and only gets better the more you watch it. I was kind of devastated when I finished the last episode (for the second time)…. what was I going to watch next?

I do my best to read books and listen to audiobooks, but sometimes you just need to watch a little television. I mostly binge-watch series because I hate having to wait for a new episode (typical millennial, right). Although, I do let myself watch Below Deck which is my guilty pleasure show. I snapped a quick pic of me watching it this week and I was so happy to hear from so many of you guys that you liked it too!!! It’s the worst in the BEST kind of way.

Okay, so after I finished The Office, here’s what else I’ve watched and LOVED and can’t recommend enough!   Younger

1. Younger

My friend Meghan made me watch this show. Truth be told, I had attempted to watch it once before and couldn’t get into it. I begrudgingly chugged through the first few episodes, again, and then… I was hooked. Sutton Foster is amazing and it reaffirmed my childhood obsession with Hilary Duff. The show is about a suburban mom who is trying to reenter the workforce after a divorce and lying about her age to get a job. It’s about relationships, love, careers… and mostly friendships.

I found myself wanting to watch “just ten more minutes” over and over again. I couldn’t stop!! Of course, I blew through the five seasons on Hulu (episodes are under 30 minutes) and now I have to wait patiently for the sixth.

Marvelous Mrs Maisel

2. Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

This was another recommendation from Meghan. I kept hearing about the show, but just never got around to watching. IT IS AMAZING. If you’re like me and have heard about it but hadn’t started… take this as a sign to start watching this weekend! There are only eight episodes so it’s relatively quick to get through, but you’ll be wishing for more!

Midge is a young housewife living in NYC in the 1950s struggling to find her own identity between “wife” and “mom,” and discovers that she has a talent for standup. She’s also Jewish and having grown up in a Jewish family myself, the humor is extra hilarious. (Not that you have to be Jewish to enjoy it or find it funny!)

Season 2 comes out December 5th on Amazon Prime!!!

If for nothing else, watch for the fashion!


3. Atypical

Okay, so I found this to be a hard show to get into and had started/stopped a few times before. For whatever reason, I kept being drawn back to it. I eventually was into the groove of it and couldn’t stop watching. Again, I was sad when the last episode played because I had grown so attached to the characters. It’s about Sam, an 18-year old high school senior with autism, and his family as they love and grow and find themselves.

There are so many things that I loved about the show and I have told everyone I know that they need to watch it.

Great British Bake Off

4. The Great British Bake Off (aka The Great British Baking Show)

This is the latest show I’ve started watching and, well, I’m downright obsessed. I had heard the best things about it and it totally lives up the hype. I don’t really love watching cooking competitions on TV because it always seems so cutthroat and I can feel the anxiety through the screen. While this is a competition show, it’s strikingly calmer.

It’s so calming to watch and a wonderful way to unwind at the end of the day. Warning though, it will make you want to eat (or make, but mostly eat) all the baked goods. I’ve been craving cream puffs and cakes like you wouldn’t believe 😂


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Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

I started watching Atypical on a friend’s recommendation and I was immediately hooked! In the first episode alone, there were several moments that made me laugh out loud (sitting in my apartment alone…) and several moments that made me tear up :’) The mom still annoys me though haha. I know I should be more sympathetic but I can’t help it! // Oh gosh The Great British Bake Off is so addicting. I miss Mary Berry, Mel, and Sue in the newer seasons though T_T Anywho, baking is automatically festive, so I’m loving GBBO a little extra lately <3 I need more episodes hah (more seasons more like) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

Coralys M

I love Younger I started watching it a couple months ago and binged it. I can’t wait for the new season. I also have watched the great British bake off I saw one season and I’m waiting for more. I have heard really good things about marvelous mrs Maisel so maybe I should give it a chance it is from the same writer as Gilmore girls I believe so I should end up loving it . Thank you for all the recommendations Carly.

Rebecca Heron

I love that you like the Great British Bake Off! Isn’t it wonderful! It is so much calmer than typical competition shows. I love when the contestants help each other out! It’s a must watch in our house!


Yes! Next try Kim’s Convenience and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


I know I’m like 5 years late but I JUST started watching Downton Abbey after my parents binge watched it in like a month. It’s so good!! I also really liked the new Sabrina show on Netflix, it’s definitely NOT like the original show but the cinematography and soundtrack are really good and the new actress playing Sabrina is amazing. Definitely recommend (although it can be a bit scary at times, haha).


Younger is phenomenal – I’ve been watching since day one and I’m so glad to have found the perfect summer show! Idk about you but I am convinced that the show will eventually end with Liza writing her own novel titled Younger that gets published with either Imperical or Millenial.


HIGHLY recommend The Good Place. The first season can be a little slow but absolutely worth it and the cast is great (Ted Danson, Kristen Bell, and literally everyone else). The humor is positive but also thought provoking. I tell everyone to watch because it is THE BEST!

(Also Riverdale is great if you’re looking for a teen drama to remind you of 2007-2010’s Gossip Girl phase…)

Monica Hall

Hi Carly! Can you please share the Deoborah Lippman color that Talbots sent you? Many thanks!


I’m OBSESSED with Younger and Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I’d highly recommend The Bold Type as well (all episodes are now on Hulu). It’s so cute and so good.


I LIVE for the Great British Baking Show!! Mary Berry has replaced Martha Stewart for me and I cannot get over how wholesome the entire competition is! SO glad you’ve come across it and started watching!!


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is definitely my pick for favorite show of the year!! Happy to see it made your list!

June Pope

Love Younger! Did I read one time that you also like Bold Type? I also like that, even though I’m probably way older than your mother. I just love fashionable young people, I guess. Like you!
Happy Holidays Carly!


LOVE Atypical. My brother (named Sam, with brown hair, from Connecticut!) has Autism and what I found most compelling is how it so accurately portrayed how we as a family tried to handle it in the early days. There are so many expectations that come with having a sibling/child, and when they’re not who you thought you’d be, and there’s some very-long term implications that come with that loss of expectations, it’s heartbreaking and confusing. If you haven’t read the poem Welcome to Holland, you should! And the cool part about Atypical is that they create a platform for that conversation in a very, very, very funny way. As a family, it’s the humor that gets us through. Sam is funny. The other people I work with who have disabilities are funny. And sure, sometimes they’re not trying to be funny—but sometimes the other edge of that is if you don’t find it funny, you just find it sad. So we as a family choose to laugh, and over time, my brother has been able to figure out the social dynamics of that too, which has been an incredible blessing. Not every family with a member who has a disability thinks Atypical is a fair portrayal of the disability community, and that’s fair because even the word “disability” comes with such a spectrum. But it’s a really good place to start, and I’m thankful that you mentioned it in this post!


YES! I absolutely loved Atypical. It gave me such a deeper appreciate and understanding of how an entire family is affected by a child having something like autism.

Amelie Sabourin

I first watched The Office last april and… I’m watching it for the 3rd time right now. Not even ashamed. It’s so good! People do recommand me Outlander. Have you watched it?


I accidentally binged Atypical one night, and got hooked. GBBO is my relaxation show, and I’m really happy Netflix added more episodes of it!

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