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I am FULLY in the holiday spirit right now. Maybe it was the freak snow storm we had a couple of weeks ago. Or the fact that I’ve had a Christmas tree up in my office for the majority of the month. Or that my mom got me absolutely hooked on peppermint mochas from Starbucks (whyyyyyy are these things so good?). But I’m feeling it big time.

My aunt sent us this gorgeous Eiffel Tower ornament! I love it so much that I put it front and center on the tree!

Eiffel Tower Ornament

Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // Absolutely Insane Gift for Dad

This would be an INSANELY EXPENSIVE (like, insane insane) but kind of awesome gift for a dad, or really anyone who wears ties. It’s an anniversary set of ten ties from Ralph Lauren– these are classics and feel as RL as it gets. The ties even come in a leather traveling case.

TWO // Amanda Bynes Interview with Paper Magazine

I was so happy to read this update about Amanda Bynes. It seems like she’s in a healthier and more stable life right now. She really is such a talented person and I can’t wait to see what she does next.

THREE // Holiday Pajamas

This week, I just switched my pajama drawer from my summer lightweight pajamas to my heavier (and more festive) winter pajamas. I’ve collected a few styles over the year that I love and wanted to round up a couple here if you’re in the market for some holiday jammies: A&F satin green pajama set, Draper James winter berry set, Roller Rabbit holiday prints, J. Crew Factory holiday union suit, and J. Crew candy canes!

FOUR // Working Kid Vacuum

Okay, talk about the funniest thing ever: a working Dyson vacuum cleaner for kids. Honestly, I know I would have loved this as a kid. We had a fake vacuum with a bag and everything, but it didn’t do anything… This one actually sucks, in a good way! My fave little babies are just starting to learn how to walk and the thought of them walking around their houses with a vacuum already has me giggling.

FIVE // The Lion King

THE LION KING IS COMING BACK. I hope you guys are one of the 48 million people who has already seen the trailer, but if not… You have to watch! I had goosebumps. I always worry when favorite movies are redone, but this one looks perfect. (I saw a meme on Facebook saying how Disney knew they had to make it perfect because otherwise, they’d have hoards of angry thirty-year-olds coming their way 😂.)

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That tiny Dyson vacuum is just too much 😂 I just might have to get that for my 1.5 year old son!

Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Wow it’s amazing to see Amanda Bynes’ journey and her vulnerability. I remember watching all her rom coms growing up! // The kid vacuum lol. I just looked at the reviews and had a good laugh looking at the customer photos hahh // Ahh I’m so freaking excited for The Lion King!!!! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s