Friendship Bracelets

Childhood memories are dotted with embroidery floss and friendship bracelets.  I believe I got a Klutz book (who didn’t have a whole collection of those) that taught me the fine art of friendship bracelets.  At one point, I had mastered all sorts of fancy knots, twists, patterns, and braids.  I was a pretty legit friendship bracelet maker back in the day.
Apparently, they’re making a comeback.  Which is a little baffling, but it’s definitely making me nostalgic!
I had a little tin that I would fill up with the brightest floss, a little pair of scissors, and a safety pin.  While Sporty Sister was off playing soccer (um, every minute of the weekend), I could be found on the sidelines with string pinned to my shorts and a terrible hunchback as I knotted the floss over and over and over again.
One summer, we drove to the Keys and I think over the course of the trip, all of the kids must have made close to a hundred of the multi-colored bracelets….
{via Honestly… WTF}
My favorite DIY blog just posted this picture on Tumblr, and I had to share it.  The tutorial is great…. as is all of the other ones!  Remember when I painted my Minnetonkas?
While I’m quite nostalgic about the bracelets, I don’t really see myself wearing them anytime soon.  Unless my favorite 6 year old neighbor made me one.
I whipped up a little shorty though to use as a book mark.
Yea, we have quite a collection of embroidery floss.  There’s more too somewhere in my closet, but I haven’t unearthed it yet!

It’s a perfect bookmark!

Embracing the trend without, well, embracing it 🙂

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I keep being tossed back to the 90's! It's great that these are coming back- I can't wait to teach my little cousin! I'd definitely sport one made by her.


I was always not that great at making these (being a boy) and always had to talk the girls into making them for me in boyish colors lol 🙂


I remember having that Klutz book, too! I was never very good at them, haha, but I've been able to buy some really cool ones on vacation.

Sundresses and Smiles

What a good idea! At camp last summer, we made tons of these and I kept a pink and green anklet on through the end of the summer, but when I went back to school I snipped it off. I much rather would have made it a bookmark though, ha!


Nice find on the DIY blog, thanks for the link on that.

I made those bracelets years ago, but honestly had forgotten how to do it. You're right, they're great for bookmarks in textbooks, you could always tell your book from the others that way. Still have one in a cookbook we used in the sorority house.

Emma Adams

I have so much floss and old bracelets that I want to wear but I've just no clue how to pull them off. I like the pictures of them piled though.