Organize, Please… Desks!

I had gotten a few requests for an Organize, Please for desks.. so here we go!
This is my desk in my room at home, but I think the tips really can work for any desktop.
If you have the option to choose your own desk, pick one with drawer space, a good writing surface, and shelves for various storage!

I think desks should be kept clutter-free… however, the real important thing is that you have whatever you may need at your fingertips, and you know where it is located.  For me, a cleared desktop means less stress, and when I’m working at my desk the less stressed I feel, the better.  The lamp is great for when I’m painting- I need BRIGHT light for that!

The little green basket on the desk has random little things that I may need super quick and right at my disposal.  Baskets are a good way to keep things that don’t necessarily look pretty when stacked.  Instant prettiness.
I keep a pair of scissors, my Flip camera, my harddrive, eyeglasses, camera charger, laptop accessories, and my pencil pouch right on my desk.  I use these very frequently, and don’t want to be rummaging around to find them.

My desk is really quite old, so there is still a computer keyboard slide-y thing.  It seems like such a waste of space, you know?  Who still uses keyboards nowadays anyway 😉  Well, the little space is actually PERFECT for holding papers and notepads.  I don’t like to look at my papers and scribbled notes, but if I need to jot something down or check something off my list, I can slide the section right out and then slide it back away.
The file folders and pocket folders hold paper: White, colored, lined, protected, etc.  And I always have a  notepad or two for my lists!

My other shelves on my desk are pretty much devoted to old books and picture frames… things I don’t necessarily reach for frequently.  The bottom shelf (which is still really part of the actual desktop), holds things that I need, but maybe not as much.  Mason jars serve as holders for colored pencils, Sharpies, and markers.

Did you get a shot glass as a gift… but don’t drink?  What to do with the miniature glass?  Put it to use, that’s what!  How perfect is this one for holding paperclips!
Onto the drawers…. the top drawer is filled with paper and my watercolor paints and the bottom one is filled with old paperwork from high school… so I skipped those!

My middle drawer is my favorite!  Stationery Central right here.  I keep most of the stationery in boxes so I know where to reach for specific occasions.

I have all these mini-cards, which are great for tucking into ribbons of gifts, but they tend to get lost!  Tucking them in here saves the searching!

Labels.  Of course.

And, the world’s largest ruler collection known to mankind.  What can I say… I like things to be straight!!!
What desk tips do you have?

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I am crazy when it comes to having an organized desk, I got a cute "desk suite" at the container store that keeps mail, notes, pens etc organized

Selton & Ashlee

I love this! I recently discovered the Vera Bradley school collection…needless to say, I've been going a little crazy on matching school supplies. 😉


Great ideas! I seriously wish my desk was more organized, but honestly, I'm pretty simple about it, and I just have a little nook in the kitchen countertops.