I’ve had to be very creative when it comes to meals for me this summer.  Figuring out that I’m lactose intolerant (or at least sensitive to dairy.. not quite sure yet) and maintaining a no-meat diet has proved a little challenging.
Especially during the summer when it would be so much easier to make hotdogs and hamburgers, you know?
We always called this little meal toad-in-the-holes, but after a little google searching apparently they’re eggs in a basket.  Whatever, I’m sticking to what I know.
(Anyone else read Frog and Toad books when you were little?!?)
This is the easiest thing to make ever.
I think they taste better with Challah!!!  Find the fatest part on the slice of bread and use a glass to cut a circle in the bread.  Pull out the circle and place it aside, you will definitely WANT and NEED that circle later!

Get the pan ready…  I cook the bread/egg combo at a low temperature for a long time.  It helps let the egg cook without burning the toast.

Place bread and crack egg right into the middle of the hole.  I let it sit for a bit until the egg is thoroughly starting to cook.

Carefully, use a spatula to flip that baby over.  Let it finish cooking by flipping it back and forth every few minutes.  Pull it off the pan when it’s finished, and plop the circle into the pan.  Let it turn golden.

I’m the official toad-in-the-hole cooker for the Heitlinger family.  Sporty Sister places an order a few times a week 😉
Anyone else a fan?

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Have always loved these. I've been in a Crohn's flare and I've been searching for breakfast ideas. Totally forgot about these. Definitely making one tomorrow morning. Thanks Carly!


I have never heard of this before in my life…but it sounds like such a good idea! I know what I'm making for breakfast tomorrow. 🙂

Lauren Alyse

I love making these for breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner haha. Also, I'm starting to suspect a sensitivity to dairy as well so I'm trying to cut it out of my diet. If you like the taste of coconut I would DEFINITELY recommend unsweetened coconut milk. It's so good and has less calories than cow's milk anyway. 🙂


Egg in a basket is my go to lunch when I'm at school, I love to fry one up when I'm starving after class or work. Try it with an avocado and a little bit of hot sauce it is to die for. I got the idea from

My brother is the go to egg cooker in the family, and I have place multiple orders with him since I've been home for the summer 🙂

Glad to hear that your family has you to keep up with the demand for "toad-in-the-holes".

PS Loved the "Frog and Toad" books as a kid.

Janice / Equine Groove

LOVE Toad-in-the-hole!!! And I loved Frog & Toad as a kid…I think I had ALL the books! (Thanks Dad…)

BTW…Little V's guest post will be on my blog in a moment….. Equine Groove!

Thanks for fwd'ing her info!!


Great recipe! I'll have to suggest it to my dad (the designated egg chef at our house). And yes, I was hooked on the "Frog and Toad" books when I was little.


Love these!! We've always called them "Hole in One" but whatever – the important thing is that they are delicious. I always drizzle a little bit of maple syrup on them.


wow this looks so yummy! but its totally different to the toad in the hole we have in England. to us toad in the hole is a Yorkshire pudding with a sausage in the middle, my grandma always used to make them when i was little, definitely trying this version out though!


This looks delicious! I will definitely make this sometime this week. I am a fan of both over-easy eggs AND carbs, so this is perfect.


To me Toad-in-the-hole is basically sausages cooked in batter but this looks great. I'm also having some dairy issues at the moment so I will have to give this a try.


These are delicious! I've always known them as "one-eyes" but I love Frog & Toad so a name change might be in order 🙂 I usually let mine get a little more brown than in the photo. They're really tasty when you sprinkle them with salt and pepper and eat them with mild salsa!



I read your blog from the UK & Toad-in-the-Hole is a traditional British meal except its completely different from your recipe…its basically sausages in a savoury batter, I've attached a link so hopefully you can see for yourself!

Serve it with roast potatoes, veg & Bisto gravy….delish!!!!

Isle of View

love this! Our family calls it a frog-in-a-hole and I've heard it referred to as a egg-in-a-basket…I guess we all have our own name. Whatever you call it, it tastes delicious! It's the perfect late-night snack.


How cute! I know these as egg-in-a-basket and was inspired to cook them after they were featured in the movie V for Vendetta, but frog-in-the-hole such a funny name too! PS LOVED the frog and toad books when I was little…my boyfriend and I actually call each other frog and toad because we go on so many ridiculous adventures together 🙂


I can relate to the dairy issues thing. They have a medicine called Lactaid. You can buy it at any store. It is a lifesaver, you just take 1 or 2 before you eat a large portion of dairy, and no stomach problems!