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My desk at home is literally like my home within my home. The amount of time I spend at the desk is a little bit crazy. But the little nook and my window make it a cozy space. It’s also the place where I know I can sit and just crank out all the work I need to do. Because I spend a lot of time sitting in this one spot (maybe not ideal, but it’s reality), I want to make sure that the space is filled with little things that are just super cute and pretty!
“Word Up” Spiral Notebook | I have no fewer than six notebooks at my desk. They all have different purposes. One of them is always dedicated to collecting random thoughts and ideas. When I’m on deadline for something, I tend to get all these ideas. I mean, honestly, it’s when I can’t do anything with new ideas that they all seem to come! The only way I can get the thoughts out of my head is to write them down. Having one place to collect the thoughts is ideal because then I can use it as a springboard for times when I’m struggling to produce even one new idea!
Monogrammed Business Card Holder | Having business cards on a desk just make me feel so much more serious. A monogrammed holder? Even better! Use it to store your own business cards, collect business cards of people you meet, or use to store little cards for jotting down quick notes.
Pinwheel Push Pins | I have two mini-bulletin boards right by my desk. Before there was Pinterest, there were actual inspiration boards. Sometimes I see things I love in magazines or find little things that I just think look nice. Perfect inspiration. I tend to switch things out every now and then when I get bored, when the seasons change, or when I simply run out of room! These fabric push pins are a fun burst of color.
Happy Notes | These colorful happy notes are just kind of amazing.
Kate Spade Pencil Case | Yes, I spend a lot of time at my desk… and sometimes I have to pack up and travel. When I’m feeling uninspired, I truly pack up a few things, grab my laptop or Surface, and head to a cafe. Just because I’m not at my desk, doesn’t mean that I can’t have cute things with me when I’m away! How cute is the Kate Spade pencil case?!
“She is…” Pencils | Yea, these are just cute. What fun reminders when you’re feeling less than confident. I love the “gumption” one!!!
What things on your desk give you inspiration and brighten things up?

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Cherry Dunia

I really love these items 🙂 They are so cuuute 🙂 I actually don't have a desk, because of the lack of space in my bedroom, but we are soon going to move, so these items are a must for me 🙂 xx



I always have some sort of candle on my desk… but I rarely ever light it! I don't know why… so random…
Those pencils are so cute btw!

Alyssa Freitas

A desk is the perfect place for inspiration! The prettier things look, the happier I feel hence the more productive I am. Thanks for the cute post.



Adorable stuff. Can you do a post about the notebooks you use (like the system of organization you have for them)? Your Ideas Notebook is better than the post-its everywhere that I seem to wind up with. I sometimes have an area in a 3-ring binder I have most day-to-day notes and documents in, but when I'm in the middle of working on something, I rarely get it out and write it in there or file it within a reasonable time, so things are everywhere. What do you use the other notebooks you keep at your desk?

Amalia Sergeyevna

The pencils & the notebook are really cute. It's really hard to find lined notebooks where I live. I don't have much on my desk, but a family photo is enough to keep me motivated. Maybe after reading this I will make a few changes. 🙂