Write anytime, with anything, anywhere.

One of the most challenging parts about writing is always the actual writing. (I’m not the only one who thinks this, right?) The second hardest part, especially for me at least, is finding time to write. I tend to write a lot… seriously, when I’m not at my actual job, I’m pretty much always doing some form of writing. But there is always more to write. I try to squeeze in extra bouts of writing time whenever I can.

Notebook & Pen | Seriously, it doesn’t get more old school than this. Even though typing on a computer seems a lot more efficient and the ability to cut and paste is quite convenient, you can’t go wrong with paper. Try keeping a notebook with you at all times and when inspiration strikes, write. Look for a notebook with a hardback cover so you can have a great surface no matter where you are. Archie Grand notebooks are witty, the perfect size for throwing in a tote bag, and durable for writing anywhere.

iPhone | I do a surprising amount of writing on my iPhone. It started by me drafting emails while writing on the subway… and then I realized that I could be drafting text for blog posts and even freelance/ghostwriting articles I was working on. It’s kind of addicting and I ended up getting really fast at typing on the tiny screen. It’s gotten to the point where if I’m walking somewhere, I might even use the the voice-to-text functionality. Even if you only have time for a few sentences at a time, it absolutely adds up!

Tablet | I love my Microsoft Surface. (I’ll have to do a video review on mine!) It has a fantastic keyboard, and unlike an iPad, it has way more functions. It runs Microsoft programs (like Word, hello!!!) and can have multiple programs running at once. I do a lot of my writing in cafés around where I live and I don’t really like having to lug my Macbook Pro. Tossing my tablet into my bag and then setting up a mini office is great.

Brain | Sometimes writing doesn’t even have to include ink or paper. Literally, I do my best thinking in the shower. I can write entire articles and posts and speeches in my head during one shower. I jump out  of the shower, throw on a robe, and then sit down to write right away. I get the type of stage fright when it comes to writing from time to time. When I have to actually put pen to paper or thoughts to screen, I freeze up!!! Spending time composing thoughts without the impending idea of having to be “perfect” on paper allows me to be way more creative.

Laptop | Kind of obvious. But if you’re really struggling to write, find a quiet desk in a library or bookstore and bring your laptop. Even if there’s Wifi, resist the urge to connect!!! (Or if you do, definitely use Self Control.)

What tools do you use to write whenever or wherever?


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Ametis Bassir

I completely agree! I feel like I, personally, just need the right environment to be able to write and once I find it I am so productive.


The Cardinal Planner

My biggest writing challenge is finding the time to indulge in creative writing. I enjoy writing for leisure, but when the academic quarter picks up it's so hard to make time for it. I do love apps like Writeroom which help minimize distractions while writing/brainstorming 🙂

The Cardinal Planner

Alyssa Freitas

I kept a daily journal for three years, but it just got too difficult to dedicate the time to it! My greatest challenge is not the material or space, but the time.

Ashley Mason

I find it hard to find time to write. I'm always so busy that any free time is spent doing homework or hanging out with friends. When I do write though, I just write on a scrap piece of paper that I keep in a folder or in my journal. I can never seem to find anything to write about, though!

How do you guys come up with ideas to write about?


Kelly Meyerhofer

Brain one is so true. Even applies to school papers. The only way I can think of interesting introductions is by NOT actually writing about on the computer but thinking about it in the shower or someplace random.

Kendyl Taylor

I use a little moleskin notebook that I have in my purse all the time for when random inspiration hits! I can't keep all my thoughts in my brain because I forget them pretty quick if I'm having a creative moment, so I always have my notebook and a pen on hand. Also, I love using the notepad function on the Iphone for when I'm randomly inspired and don't want to lose an idea.


Courtney Danielson

I'm definitely interested in seeing a video post of your Microsoft Surface! The commercials for them are just so… jazzy!

And I had no idea you freelance/ghostwrite. We all know you don't get much sleep, but at this point I'm wondering when you even have time to breath. Your middle name should be "Hustle." 🙂 Keep up the GREAT work!

~ C x

Kay Rodriguez

This year I decided, instead of giving up something for Lent, I would write (personal writing) every day instead. Thanks for your tips! Even though Lent is almost over, I think writing will remain a part of my daily life 🙂

I just discovered your blog and I really like it! I'll definitely stay tuned for updates. As a college student myself, it's a real pleasure to find other awesome college bloggers!

– Kay R.

Cynthia S. Robey

Details are what makes writing come alive. It’s what keeps eyes glued to the page. When reading, ask yourself, “Where is this losing my interest? And where is it keeping my eyes glued to the page?” You’ll find that it’s the concrete details, the things that you can picture that make writing come alive.

Bernard Price

I can write entire articles and posts and speeches in my head during one shower. I jump out of the shower, throw on a robe, and then sit down to write right away. I get the type of stage fright when it comes to writing from time to time.