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I’m still feeling pretty sick and I couldn’t come up with a good blog post idea. So I’m pulling a cop-out card and calling it a sick day by doing a “fun facts” post. If you’ve been a religious reader for years, some of these might not be new, but you’ll probably at least learn one funny thing! It ended up being a lot of fun to put it together so I hope you enjoy!

1. I have a permanent retainer on my top middle teeth. I had a gap growing up and I kind of wish I had kept it to be honest. I had braces in eighth grade and Invisalign in high school, but I went through another growth spurt in college and my teeth moved around again. Eventually, I might do Invisalign again…

2. I don’t sleep with a pillow, ever! Every so often I think I’m going to be able to fall asleep with a pillow and I toss and turn until I remove it. The only way I do sleep with a pillow is if it’s tucked under my shoulder (when I’m on my stomach) and not my neck, haha.

3. I had perfect attendance throughout school, but missed the very last day due to an out of state crew regatta. Very annoying that crew was a club and we couldn’t get excused. I’m not sure if perfect attendance is a good or bad thing because there were days when I would be so sick and sitting in class nearly dead just so I wouldn’t end the streak.

4. I was over ten pounds when I was born. Ten. Pounds. I was not a cute baby at all; in fact, I was pretty scary looking. No one believes me so I keep an album on my iPhone with my baby pictures as proof… it’s hilarious to see their reactions! (I also keep a photo of my pregnant mom, poor thing deserves an award for delivering the monstrosity that was me.)

5. You know how some people are “huggers” and greet everyone they meet with a hug? I’m the opposite. There are a few times when I don’t mind them (like when I’m really stressed or I’m seeing a friend I haven’t seen in ages), but I’m just not really that into hugs.

6. My family is the number one most important thing to me. Sometimes I wish we had a ton of cousins and a bunch of siblings, but I really am so grateful for my parents and my sister. We’re so close and I’ve realized, as I’ve gotten older, just how rare that is for most people. It’s something I do not take for granted. I’m so appreciative that my parents set such an incredible example of a partnership for my sister and me to follow.

7. If I had to wear one thing for the rest of my life, I think I’d wear some kind of sweatshirt (maybe a fleece pullover) and jeans. I’m all about keeping things comfortable!

8. Keeping Up with the Kardashians is my guilty pleasure. I can’t get enough of that family.

9. The weirdest purchase I’ve made as an adult was purchasing a bunch of my favorite underwear in basic colors. It seems like such a small, completely ridiculous purchase, but even just removing that one (admittedly tiny) decision in the morning makes a world of difference. I’m not standing in front of my underwear drawer pawing through for a cute pair. They’re all cute and I feel great in every single one, because they’re all exactly the same. (Don’t knock it ’til you try it, friends… it’s a real morning game changer.)

10. I used to give my mom the hardest time for being addicted to coffee. I never thought I’d be able to drink it. And then in college, when I needed to stay up late to study, I would get dirty chai teas. It was the only way I could drink the espresso. Eventually, I started to acquire the taste for coffee/espresso. Over the years I’ve eliminated all need for milk and sugar and just drink my coffees black now. My teenage self would not believe that I’d be drinking coffee, let alone having to limit my coffee intake!!


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So fun Carly! Thanks for sharing :)) I’m the exact opposite of you and need multiple pillows to sleep haha!
xo Lauren

Ivonne / Girl Meets Dallas

I am really surprised that you don’t sleep with a pillow Carly! Although now that you mention it I think that may just be better for your body. It would be fun if you shared some of those pictures (I was a big baby too, I weighed more than my brother!). This was a fun post! I feel like I got to know you a little better. 😊

Piper Ellice

I am NOT a hugger either! I like a good handshake, which most people find really odd. I just don’t like touching other people!

Piper Ellice @
Starting Out Southern Blog

Diana Pearl

I love that you love KUTWK! It’s a total guilty pleasure, but they’re hilarious! I do the same thing with my underwear (mostly the same color, too!) It’s totally changed my my mornings.

Amy S

#9 changed my life! I have a whole collection of the same pair in dark and light and it makes the morning that much easier!

Morgan McBride

I had braces twice and now (I’m 27) my teeth are crowded again from not having a permanent retainer! I am doing Smile Direct Club which is like invisalign but you do it all online and never have to go to a doctor in person (the ortho does tele-medicine which is becoming increasingly popular.)

check it out:


Love these types of posts! Now I’m curious…what kind of underwear do you buy (if you don’t mind me asking)? I was just thinking I need to do the same thing. Also, one of my brothers was over 10 lbs. Our poor mothers!


I feel like you’re my spirit animal! The amount of times I was like “same” while reading this was insane!! Especially #5, I always feel *so* bad because I come across so many huggers and I’m not someone who likes anybody touching me. Also, #8 is so me! Ha! That show shouldn’t be addicting, but it’s kind of like watching a car accident in slow motion. Anyway, I hope you feel better!

xo, Sofia


What a fun post! I have to admit, the Kardashians are my guilty pleasure as well!

Random question, but are you still enjoying your Kitchen Aid Soda Stream? I’m considering switching my weekly La Croix purchases for a Soda Stream. Any advice?

Katie McC

Thanks for sharing these. I did not know that about your pillow! How funny. That’s so awesome you are so close to your family. Family is so important and the people I lean on most. They are greater than social media any day! But OMG, I can relateeeeeeeee on the hugging thing! It’s nice to know there are others like that out there. I generally only want to hug people I have not seen in a long time and am super excited to see them. Other than that, it’s just awkward and I feel they invade my space.

Jannet Hudson

Awww!! You so CUTE skool foto!! hehe!! OH NO!! Plz have some Piping hot Chicken Noodle Soup! And plz don’t forget to ad my Mom’s VERY Special Ingredient, freshly squeezed Lemon Juice!! SO HEAPs YUMs!! hehe!! 🙂

Ceci Torres

Hi Carly,
I’m a relative new reader from Mexico (over a year now), love reading your daily post and your snapchat histories, hope you feel better in these days. I sleep without a pillow too! it’s just so uncomfortable to sleep with one hahaha
Hope you share on the future some of those baby pictures, I would like to see them, and the one with Meesh pregnant too!

Emma Kerr

This was a really fun read! Thanks for sharing, Carly! We have so much in common which was cool to see. As a dedicated reader, I am not too surprised! I am the same way about hugs. KUWTK is my secret guilty-pleasure too. I couldn’t stand coffee when I was younger but now as a teacher I can’t live without it. I too had a gap in my front teeth which was fixed with braces. My family is number one for me too. Again, thanks for sharing 🙂


Omg I’m the same way about hugs! I’ll hug someone if I haven’t seen them for a while or just need a hug, like you do, but I hate “obligation hugs” when you feel like you have to hug someone! Loved these fun facts!


Fun post, Carly! I am also curious what your favorite underwear is. I’ve been buying the low-rise bikinis from Gap, but they haven’t seemed to hold up well over the months. Any suggestions you have would be much appreciated!


I’ve actually heard that you get better sleep when you don’t sleep with a pillow! If anything, you’re just supposed to use your arm as a pillow. This is because when your head/neck is up on a pillow, your body sort of thinks its awake and you don’t sleep as good….I loved reading your fun facts, Carly!

xo, Taylor


Love this! The underwear thing is a great idea—I always do the 5-for-$25 deal or whatever, but I never re-up on whatever is my favorite. I feel like I end up with multiples of ones that I hate! Maybe I can be a grown-up this time.

Also, I’ve been thinking about trying Smile Direct Club—it’s like Invisalign, but you do a digital scan and they mail the trays to you. (And I bet they’d be delighted to partner with you… which would be great for me!)


Super fun facts! I can totally relate about the hugs. I am not much of a hugger (unless with super close friends and family). Plus I live in Tampa, so that’s a fact I think we may relate on! Love your blog.