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I think I’ve finally rounded the corner of this sinus infection. So gross, but glad I’m through the worst of it. I canceled as many plans as I could so I could stay inside and recover. I’ll have to do a little bit of makeup work this weekend, but I think I’ll still enjoy the three days! It’s supposed to be gorgeous here, so I’m hoping to spend as much time as possible outside!!

Fingers crossed for being back to full health ASAP!

Lilly for Starbucks S'well

I’m kicking off today’s On My Radar post with a quick announcement about the Lilly for Starbucks water bottles. They launched in stores this week, and I know there was some disappointment from fans about them selling out so fast. (That’s Lilly for ya!) The good news is that they’re going to be available for sale on on February 28th. Yay!! I would recommend keeping expectations in check. Again… you know how Lilly releases (and super fans) can be. But hopefully, everyone can get what they want.

ONE // Behind the Scenes of Beauty and the Beast

Don’t be alarmed if you see Beauty and the Beast links in every On My Radar post between now and March 17th. I am just SO excited for the movie… every little piece of content they tease is better than the last.

TWO // Georgetown University Video

Love this video that Georgetown did with Vice. It captures the whole vibe of the college so well.

THREE // Florida Scarf

How precious is this Florida scarf? I love the colors and, of course, the design. I want to buy it and have it framed.

FOUR // Grace VanderWaal Live

Wow, Grace VanderWall (winner of America’s Got Talent) seems to be growing artistically by leaps and bounds. She’s so talented! Loving this live video of her performing a cover of “The A Team.”

FIVE // Woven Flat

Can’t get over these black and tan woven flats. They have me seriously wishing for warm summer weather… but I do have a couple of trips coming up where I could wear these. Tempting, so so tempting!

SIX // Female Scientist Fights Harassment with Wikipedia

A reader sent this, and I just love the story. You’ve got to read the article, but basically a contributor to Wikipedia creates a new entry about a female scientist for every instance of harassment she receives. Talk about making lemonade out of lemons!

SEVEN // J. Crew Swim

Okay, so I just ordered a BUNCH of J. Crew swimsuits hoping some of them work out. (I’ll share the winners when I try them on!) But… it’s the little girls’ swimsuits that have caught my eye the most. I wish they’d make them for grown ups!!! I’m freaking obsessed with this gingham one.

EIGHT // Thanos the Baby Antelope

Ending today on what has to be the cutest note ever. I can’t get enough of this sweet baby antelope. Those giant eyes though 😍

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How fun!! I wish I was able to buy one of those Lilly water bottles, will definitely have to be on the look out for one.


The Florida scarf reminded me to share this with you – there’s a great photographer who’s started a project documenting the state. His instagram account is here (“danieldorsa” in case the link doesn’t work): and he was featured on VSCO Cam – his shots are so beautiful and such an interesting take on the state! I hope you enjoy 🙂