Game Night

I’m a sucker for a good game night. Truthfully, I’d rather stay indoors with good food and better friends and play games every single night. (I wish game nights were more popular. Can we make this a thing?)
As much as I love skiing, one of my favorite parts of the trips was playing games every night. It seemed like everything closed at 5pm and everyone was exhausted by 8:30. We’d eat an early dinner and then the whole group would play games. Such a great way to get to know each other, burn off some competitive energy, and laugh for hours.
It’s also something my family tends to do when everyone’s at the house for a holiday. We have a few family favorites that we play year after year. Garrett and I (and Teddy too) are flying to Florida tonight and I’m sure there will be some game nights in our future. 
Rummikub // This is a game the whole family plays year after year after year. I think we may have made some house rules up over the years, but this is a game that seriously brings out our competitive spirit. Somehow we haven’t lost any chips in all these years! The sound of dumping the chips onto the table still makes me excited, like a kid again.
Yahtzee // We mostly play this game with my mom and sometimes my grandma if she is over. We have a lot of our old sheets left. We’re pretty superstitious of how we play (blowing into the cup for luck, coming up with some kind of Yahtzee chant, etc.) and it’s always fun. At the end of every round we always end up saying, “One more round?”
Mad Gab // Honestly, THE funniest game to play with the whole family (grandparents included). Listening to my dad try to sound out the words cracks us up. If you haven’t played this game, you really should. It is bizarrely funny and actually a lot harder than it seems. 
Apples to Apples // This game used to bug me because it’s all about subjectivity more so than objectivity… but if you know the people you’re playing with it makes it even more fun and actually pretty strategic. 
Taboo // This is a game my family plays from time to time. We definitely don’t play by the exact rules, but instead just make it so that it’s fun and challenging without getting too strict!

Do you have a favorite game to play with friends and family? Anyone else love a good game night?


PS Maybe not the most family friendly game on the planet, but if you’re with friends who have a good sense of humor, you have to play Cards Against Humanity. It is a non-politically correct version of Apples to Apples. It’s a horribly hilarious game. I could not stop laughing when we played in Vermont and we talked about some of the played cards/phrases throughout the whole trip. Too funny!

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Olivia Stieren

I LOVE game nights! Luckily, My fiancé and I have found a group of friends who like to have a night in and play games. Our favorites are Mexican Train (a strategy game with double dominoes), Cards against Humanity, and Yahtzee!

A. P. Bullard

Before I moved to Washington, I hosted game night every Wednesday night. The husband was gone for over a year (military), so I had to do something to keep sane!

We played Cards Against Humanity, Catan, Cosmic Encounter, and several other things. Drinks and laughter flowed. It was so much fun!


I came here to mention Cards Against Humanity so I'm glad to see you gave it a shoutout! It's definitely not for everyone, but my roommate and I love it. We always find ourselves wishing we had more friends down for game night so it's so cool to see other people our age on the same page!
Randi | Randi with an i

alaina shea

When I go skiing with my family, we always end up playing so many games after dinner too! It's so much fun!
And who doesn't love games? Game night needs to be a thing!!

Julia D.

Skiing is amazing, but apres ski is also a ton of fun too for all of the reasons you mentioned. I just went on a week-long ski trip with eight friends and I swear we just ended up eating and playing Cards Against Humanity every night in front of the fire. Bliss.