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I’ve been really loving my Instagram lately. Mostly because it’s been so absolutely frigid that I’m surprised my feed looks somewhat bright and colorful. Valentine’s Day and Fashion Week were the perfect pops of color in my week!
ONE // Kate Spade sent me the cutest outfit for their presentation. I almost fell over at how perfect the coat and the dress are. The scallops, y’all. The scallops. The dress is even better in person if you can believe it– the perfect pink. I love the shape, the length, and the color. And the coat? Well, I mean, I will basically be wearing every day.
TWO // RewardStyle hosted their annual Top 25 dinner. I was very honored to be in the group for the second year in a row. (All because of you! Insert kissing cat emoji!) The dinner was incredible and it was all element/science themed. I loved the element candles that each table setting had with our initials.
THREE // Dough is one of my favorite doughnut places in NYC, but you used to have to travel all the way out to Brooklyn. It’s right near Union Square now!!!!!! Bam! On Saturday morning, I went to  yoga and then ventured down to pick up half a dozen for Garrett. Doughnuts have turned into our Valentine’s Day tradition.
FOUR // I typically don’t like sharing the gifts Gar gets me, but I absolutely could not resist sharing the taxi charm he gave to me for Valentine’s Day. It’s the cutest little thing in the world… he also got the Chrysler Building. A key comes out of it!
FIVE // Kate Spade’s presentation is always the highlight of my fashion week. I was, of course, loving all the pink and all the bows! I think that dress in the middle is calling my name. Am I right, or am I right?
SIX // My friend Carly and I are eerily similar. Same name. Same initials. And every time we go to an event, we ALWAYS match. Seriously. Right down to our iPhone cases. Can’t make this up! On Sunday we went to the Design Darling brunch and showed up completely matching. Right down to our booties. (PS The skirt I’m wearing is from LOFT and such a steal!)

Anything fun happening on your Instagram lately?

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