Lilly Pulitzer Jeep Tour

I could not have planned a trip to Florida at a better time. Last week, I was in bed staring at the ceiling just thinking about how much I was over the cold. I mean, really over it. I’m beyond thankful that NYC has just been cold and not all that snowy because I don’t know if I could take it. Growing up in Florida spoiled me and now I need that Vitamin D, like, all the time. 
Garrett, Teddy, and I flew down to Tampa on Sunday night. Miraculously, we had booked an evening flight and while it seemed like every single morning flight was canceled, we left without a hitch. My parents met us at the airport and lent us my mom’s car to use while down in Naples. We drove down to Naples late at night and… woke up to a flat tire.
Somehow we still made it to the #FindtheLilly Jeep Tour that I was a guest at. It was the perfect afternoon. For starters, everyone here is very friendly and the store is bright and colorful. I spent a lot of time outside snapping photos in front of the Jeep and chatting with readers! 
(That Florida sun was never more appreciated by me! Perfection!!!)
^^ Snapchat selfie with the Jeep. Of course. 
Lilly had one of their artists live-painting a Lilly print. I can’t even begin to tell you how incredible it was to watch the painting transform over time. Every time I turned around, there was a new beautiful detail that made the piece look different. 
I couldn’t resist shopping a tiny bit!
Wearing: Topanga Dress (c/o) // Tassel Necklace (c/o) // Wedges // Sunnies

It was so great to meet everyone who stopped by!

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A. P. Bullard

It sounds like you had such a wonderful time, and those girls looked ecstatic to meet you. You look positively radiant, too, glowing with all that excitement!

It was really neat that you got to meet one of the Lily artists!! That's a chance in a lifetime, if I've ever seen one!

Great post. <3


Julia D.

I totally feel you. As a West Coast (Canadian) girl who went out East to the cold for school, I promised myself I would move right back after I graduated to warm up. Here I am on my fifth (!!) straight Eastern winter and while I couldn't love where I live more, it sure is chilly. Definitely time to plan a trip home!