iPhone 6 Plus

I bit the bullet and upgraded my iPhone 5! I have a had a major crack in the screen and the actual phone since this summer, but didn’t know if I wanted/needed a 6 (or the plus). A combination of things (including jealousy over my friends’ phones!) contributed to my change of mind. Then it was a matter of deciding between the 6 or 6 Plus. I did a lot of research online as well as asking around and finally decided on the 6 Plus. 
It’s really big, but I kind of love the size. I had been finding myself doing a lot of reading, photo editing, and even email writing lately. All of these things are typically things I’d do on my computer, but with all my travel my phone became an easier and more convenient option. I just wished it was bigger! Hence, my inclination towards the plus. And a lot of people confirmed this for me as well.
(The only time it feels big is if I hold it to my ear to talk on the phone. However, I make most of my calls with my headphones so it’s not a huge issue for me.)
So far, so good.
The only “problem” I have come across is that there aren’t nearly as many cases to choose from. They’re either backordered, on preorder, or completely sold out! I knew I wanted a case, mostly for protection, but… I mean, I want it to be cute, too!
As a side note, I’d love to know what your favorite photo editing apps are! I primarily use Snapseed and VSCO, but I’m curious if there are any crowd favorites out there…

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I am so jealous of your new purchase! I now understand what your tweet from last night was about 🙂 My absolute favorite photo editing app is Afterlight because it allows for the most variation I think: contrast, saturation, brightness, etc. It also has tons of filters and lighting effects. Hands down my favorite. I would love for you to do an updated whats on my iPhone post to see how you are using your 6+ and some of your favorite apps in general!

Annie Belle


I had the same problem when I upgraded to my iPhone 6 – there just aren't as many cases available! But I ended up going with the Vineyard Vines one from my post (iPhone 6 Phone Cases) Good luck with your search!

And thank you for starting the conversation about photo editing – I'm always wondering the same thing.

Laura | Surf & Hydrangeas

Caitlin Cheevers

I LOVE the A Beautiful Mess app. I typically just use it for Instagram uploads, but I like using it in addition to the VSCO app.

Do you find any problems fitting your phone into your pocket? I feel like I'm constantly struggling with this, and I just have an iPhone 6! I can't imagine what the 6 Plus must be like.

xo, Caitlin
And Possibly Dinosaurs


I've had the Galaxy Note since they released them and it felt so awkwardly large when I would hold it up to my ear! You definitely get accustomed to it, though. I'm addicted to the large screen size and can't imagine downsizing now!


I like Squareready for making my photos either square or rectangular, as well as BeFunky and PicFrame. BeFunky is just a standard editing app and PicFrame is pretty obvious!