Game, Set, Match

Guys… I actually signed up for tennis lessons. I was inspired after going to the US Open last week. I found an instructor and had my first (two-hour 😱) lesson on Monday. I was so sore the next day! I took tennis lessons with my sister in elementary school, but it’s been years since I picked up a tennis racket. More than 15 years…

The strangest thing happened during the lesson, too. About thirty minutes in, I could taste the water from our country club’s tennis courts.  How weird is that?? Not sure if that counts as muscle memory or what, but I was freaked out.

Anyway, I’ve been back to the courts to run through drills and Garrett, and I went out and played for a bit last night as well. As an adult, it’s a lot more fun to try out different sports with zero pressure. No stress about being on a “bad” team or making the first string or being good enough for a college scholarship or signing up for ten after school activities for five days. It’s literally just for fun. Nothing more and nothing less. It’s way more enjoyable.

The outfits are also fun to pick out. Gar got me a few things for my birthday which was just the sweetest, and I’ve been wearing just regular running shorts and comfortable tees. I definitely wouldn’t hate having these cute tennis things in my closet, though. Who knows, it could improve my game, right?! 😉

Tennis Outfit Inspiration

Embroidered Tennis Hat // Headband // Sweatshirt

Tank + Skirt // Tennis Dress // Sweatpants

Monogrammed Tennis Bag (this is a need…) // Tennis Shoes

I’m so thankful that there are great tennis courts a few minutes away from my apartment. It makes things a lot easier, and I’m more motivated to get out there knowing it’s just down the street. And there are lights that go on after dark, which is the best time to play right now since it’s been so hot and the sun and my skin don’t mix very well.

Have you tried picking up a sport later in life?!

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Like you, I played tennis when I was younger and even a little bit in high school. I have been dying to get back into it recently though! My family all plays so sometimes when we’re together we’ll pick up our rackets and hit a little. I love that tennis is one of those sports where you can kind of pick right back up where you left off!

Piper Ellice

I took tennis lessons two years ago, and had a blast! It’s the only competitive sport the SO and I can participate in without getting into an argument, so I love it!
Piper Ellice @
Starting Out Southern Blog


How fun! Now that I have graduated and have more time on my hands after work I have been thinking about picking up tennis too! I have never played but have always wanted to so this is the perfect inspiration!


I am actually about to start horseback riding lessons! It’s been about 10 years since I have ridden, and 20 since I took lessons! I agree about the pressure being off as an adult – I’m not looking to jump with a horse, just re-learn the basics so I can enjoy a trail ride now and again. Good luck with your tennis lessons! xx Rox-Anne,


Carly, how did you deal with the equipment you’d need for your lessons? I played when I was little but was sidelined (from all sports) by shoulder surgeries in high school. I’d love to try again, but I wouldn’t want to buy a new racket/balls/etc. only to realize my shoulders still can’t handle it!


It’s so great that you’re playing tennis! I’ve played for over ten years, and its such a great game (not to mention the clothes!) Tory Sport has the cutest tennis wear, and Mason’s Tennis Mart is my go to in Manhattan for all the gear you need!


I played competitive tennis all through high school and now while in college have still continued to play in the summers back at my club, or with my boyfriend. It’s seriously one of my favorite sports to pick up and get competitive with. The outfits totally help!!! I also have been trying to work on my golf game lately, but that isn’t coming as easily to me as tennis has. Keep it up 🙂

Chloe Logan

Always was interested in tennis, but at the ripe age of 23 I started picking up golf and softball! On my THIRD day at work, I went to play in a softball game to meet people and make friends. I didn’t even know how to hold the bat…now, I get runs (sometimes). And I got a good set of golf clubs and some lessons, so fulfilling my longtime dream of being a golfer girl, too!

P.S. I’m SO glad I went to that initial softball game–I got to meet execs & people in other departments, so everyone was shocked the next day when all these people already knew “the new girl!”