Two Recent Outfits

I wanted to share two recent outfits I wore for my birthday. I’m going to try to be better about including more “everyday” looks here. All of my outfit posts are things I actually wear (no costumes here!), but I typically don’t shoot my plain, everyday-y outfits.

My mom was in town, but she was leaving the afternoon of my birthday, so we celebrated with a dinner the night before. It was so nice to have her here, birthday or not. Gar and I took her to our favorite Italian restaurant in Greenwich– we love sitting outside and are trying to squeeze in as much al fresco dining as we can before it gets too cold!

Madewell Button Down

I picked up this peplum top, and I love it. Peplum is hard for me to pull off (larger chest, smaller waist), but I went for it anyway. Although I’m not sure it’s the most flattering top in the world on me, it’s so comfortable and easy to wear. I think it will be cute when it cools off layered with a field jacket. For now, I did the J. Crew Sleeve Roll and paired it with my new (ripped 😱) jeans.

Peplum Button Down

I finally tracked down the navy double wrap Hermes strap for my Apple Watch. I was told it was sold out everywhere, but an amazing salesperson in NYC spent at least ten minutes searching the stockroom and found one! (It looks like it’s available again.) This watch has a similar look if you don’t have an Apple Watch.

Yellow Rain Coat

For my actual birthday, Gar and I went to Rowayton to try a new restaurant. We were walking around during sunset because we had a few minutes to spare before our reservation. It had rained on and off all day, and it started to drizzle right as the sun started to set. But the sky was getting pinker and pinker, so we waited it out, even as the rain turned to a pour!

This KJP dress has been one of my favorites this summer. I wore it at least once a week. (It’s sold out in the blue versions, but still available in white.) This knotted belt has also been a staple in my closet for cinching waists on dresses. The yellow rain coat is also sold out, but this one is super similar!

Can you believe the color of the sky!? Everything took on a pink glow. I loved it and considered it a great omen for my 27th birthday.

Yellow Rain Jacket

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Ugh Madewell does it again with an adorable top. I’ve tried on a couple peplum tops at J.Crew and didn’t like how it looked on me, but this one looks like it has less flare which I think would work for me. Looks great on you!


First of all- you look fabulous!

Secondly- can you please tell me what kind of lens you are using for your pictures? They are so sharp and clear!!


That sky is just incredible! Love your everyday outfits, the J.Crew peplum shirt looks super cute! Keep rocking it! Hope you had a great birthday xx Rox-Anne,


I love the classic look of both of those outfits, especially that cute peplum top! Also, that is a great picture of you and Garrett!


Adorable peplum top.

Any suggestions for (a vegetarian-friendly) dinner in Greenwich? You seem to be there a lot!


I know you said your raincoat was sold out, but it’s so cute! Could you still let us know what brand and style it is? Thanks!


So pretty and classic ! Can you share the lipstick you are wearing in the pic w the peplum top ? Thanks !