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I waited until after Labor Day for this post, and I don’t want you to think I am sounding the alarm or anything, but… if you want a pair of Bean Boots for this fall or winter, now is the time to get one. Don’t wait. In a couple of weeks, people are going to start to realize the temps are dropping, and everyone will make a mad dash for LL Bean! And that’s when the back orders start.

Here’s a super quick guide to what Bean Boots you should get:

What Bean Boots Should I Buy


My favorite style is the 6″ Bean Boots. I’m just about 5’6″ and find that the 6″ height is perfect on my legs. Plus they’re easy to get in and out of and don’t take a long time to lace up.

If you’re a bit taller or know you’re going to be somewhere with a lot of snow, the 8″ Bean Boots will be a better bet. (These come in four different color combinations including pink and navy!)

I get questions about what height to get all the time, but you really can’t go wrong with either of those! As I said, I prefer the 6″ personally, but the 8″ still looks great too.


As for sizing, I recommend going down a full size. For example, I typically wear a size 7 and get a 6 in Bean Boots. You can go with your size, but you’d have to plan on wearing thick socks for a comfortable fit.


Bean Boots, on their own, aren’t necessarily warm. But they’re still great boots for cold weather. For extra warmth, you might want to consider a Thinsulate or a shearling-lined boot. If you think you’re going to want them for warmer and cooler weather, get the regular version and then add a shearling insert for cold days or swap out your regular socks for a good wool pair.

Bean Boot Guide


PS Here’s an easy tutorial for how to lace up your boots!

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Monica C.

It’s so true. Last year, I ordered my husband’s boots in November and received them in February. It was worth the wait, but we’ve learned our lesson!


Thanks for the reminder! I wanted to buy them last winter and it was too late by the time I got around to it. Buying them soon for sure!
Emily | The Denver Darling


Thank you for the tips Carly! Do you think you could also do a post to know how to pair bean boots and make them look chic and not so casual?


I have been wanting a pair of Bean boots for the past few years, and always miss out, so I appreciate your reminder!! Can I ask, what are your thoughts on the regular vs. Thinsulate vs Shearling-Lined? I am so perplexed as to which ones would be best, I live in Fairfield County, so I don’t think I need the shearling, but I just wasn’t sure. Also, if the 6″ the ones you have on in the pictures? I also am always confused about the heights. Thanks!

Erin Frye

Thanks for the reminder! My boyfriend got his first pair a couple years ago and I never did it…but after seeing this I just ordered them! I wear a size 7 too so purchased the 6. Excited for them to arrive and then I’ll watch the lacing video! x


I got bean boots 3 years ago when I moved to the northeast for college and basically wear them every day in the fall and winter if I can! I really wanted the 6 in. originally because of your recommendations (we’re the same height!) but opted for the 8 in. because of the likelihood of snow and so I could get goretex and thinsulate (which I’m soooo grateful for!) Literally would not have such a love affair with these had it not been for me seeing them in one of your posts back when I was in high school! You definitely opened my eyes to them and for that I’m super grateful!


I bought one pair – received them within 5 days, then decided I wanted the shearling ones so I bought those and received them in under a week as well. Only complaint is that the shearling ones have a different external texture. Still super excited to finally have a pair of my own in time for the winter!


I am so happy you posted this!! I just purchased a new pair and I’m glad I snatched a pair before the backorders began! Thank you for the reminder!


Even living in the South, Bean boots are a must. Here in Georgia we get a lot of rain during the winter and occasionally snow. The unlined Bean boots are perfect for that. I took them to Europe two years ago and they worked great there even in the MUCH colder temps. I bought some super warm SmartWool socks and my feet stayed dry and toasty.


Same! That is exactly why I now have a pair sitting in my closet–I felt nostalgic for my Mom and my childhood. I think it’ll be nice when it turns rainy here in the South this Fall. Usually I wear ballet flats and have cold, wet feet. Or I wear crazy thick warm muck boots. No in between.


Just as an FYI. If the soles of your Bean boots wear out, you can take them into the store and they will ship them out for repair. Mine were still under warranty and there was no charge – I was about to pay for new ones when the sales person told me about their service! Then I found a pair of vintage Bean boots at an estate sale for my son for $2 and to resole them came to $46!!! Love my Bean boots!!!


yasss! bean boots and fall. thank you, thank you for the reminder to order a pair before the craziness starts. will definitely be giving the eastland knot a go 🙂


Thanks for this informative post, Carly! I ordered a pair today (LL Bean is offering 20% off!) Your post helped me figure out what I wanted as well as sizing. Thanks!

Biby Chacon

I’m ordering a pair for my trip to NY/Boston this Holiday! What do you recommend for Width size?


Hi! I love the post!! Would you mind helping me a bit with sizing? I am a 5.5-6 in women’s so I went with the 3 in kids. With thin socks my heel slips a bit up while I walk. However, with a thicker sock – they slip up a bit still. They feel comfortable but I’m unsure if this is a sign that I should size down to a size 2. Any thoughts?


Hey there I love your post.. I just ordered the shearling directly from the store but now I’m having second thoughts because I live in Oklahoma ( it gets cold but not only for 5 mths) and I’m wondering if they will be to warm?!! the shearling insert is a great idea .. do you know if the thinsulate make your feet sweat?? ( I know silly question). thanks


One of the best posts ever! I have been thinking about a pair of Bean boots for a long time and this blog post helped with my decision. Thank you!