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Gap of Dunloe and Dingle

I think this was my favorite part of the whole trip. We almost squeezed the Gap of Dunloe into the day before, but I’m so glad we waited until the morning when we were feeling fresh and rested. IT WAS THE BEST. I mean, it’s quintessential Ireland in my opinion. Exactly what I pictured our trip looking like.
I knew it was going to be good when we were two minutes into the drive and had to wait for some sheep to cross the road! We proceeded to stop for the next two hours along the drive. It’s the windiest road with gorgeous rocky scenery everywhere you turn. We saw people driving, people hiking, people biking, people motorcycling, and even people on horse drawn carriages. There are plenty of options, but the key is that you have to go. It’s a must if you’re in Ireland.
(It is a narrow road though so expect to have to stop frequently to let horses pass!)
I would love to visit again and stay at a nearby B&B for a few days!
Also… my hair. Remember how I let it go natural for the Ring of Kerry. I should have embraced it the whole time. I decided to do my hair, and it was basically a waste from the wind! I ended up having to tie a ribbon into a makeshift ponytail.
Can you tell that Julia and I were in our element? The bridge behind us is the “Wishing Bridge” because the legend is that if you make a wish when standing on the bridge it will come true.
I know this sounds dramatic… but I really mean it when I say that this might be my favorite spot on earth.
We continued through the Gap of Dunloe (this is the spot where we had to set a timer for photos!) and made our way to Dingle. So many people had recommended we visit, and I’m glad we did. Again, I wish we had spent more time here– there was so much we didn’t get to see!
After lunch, we had to stop into Murphy’s for ice cream. So delicious!!!
I bought this trench while I was in Chicago and now it’s on sale! I had been eyeing a Burberry trench (even buying and returning one over the holidays) and I’m glad I waited. This is a Burberry Brit trench so it’s less expensive, but I LOVE how versatile it is. There’s a removable hood and a removable quilted liner. All the options came in handy with the weather in Ireland. Some days I used the hood (like the day it poured in Dublin) and other nights I used the quilted liner for added warmth. The red also really spoke to me.
Burberry Trench Coat (on sale!) // Plaid Dress (on sale!) // Hunter Boots


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Audrey Coyne

Absolutely gorgeous and your hair looks amazing tied in that ribbon! These pictures are seriously making me want to book a trip ASAP and I have a sneaking suspicion that lovely little bridge would make the top of my list as well. xx Audrey

Mary Higgins

love your outfit! I have never been to Dunole, and I def want to make my way there next time I am in Ireland!
Love it!


Adéla K.

You are right. That´s the nicest part of Ireland. I´ve been living in Maynooth (near Dublin) for one year and originally I came to Ireland just for three months :D. Gap of Dunloe is beautiful and actually all Kerry is lovely. Two weeks ago we were hiking Dingle Way, slept on the fields, next to the castles… It was the best holiday of my life! There is everything. Cliffs, mountains, long beaches…I love the people in this area – I would say, they are really open minded and always happy to talk with you.


I'm dying to go to Ireland after looking through all of your pictures!!! LOVE your hair in the low pony!!