On My Radar

See that dog’s face? That’s pretty much how I’m feeling now that it’s summer. Trips to the beach. Afternoon visits to the dog park. Late nights. I’m so down. Summer is my season.
There’s a bunch of great things that were on my radar this week!

Don’t read this if you haven’t watched The O.C. yet; there are tons of spoilers. (If you haven’t, you need to.) But if you have, I think you’ll find this interview with the creators of The O.C. fascinating. I had no idea the guy who created it was only 25 when he sold the idea!!! Also, Rachel Bilson (aka SUMMER) was supposed to only be a guest star?! What!!! Summer + Seth forever.
My whole family was hooked on the show. We started watching in the car on a portable DVD player (haha) on the drive down to the Keys and even my dad got sucked in. I think the four of us spent so many hours inside the condo watching “just one more episode” while on vacation!
This might be my favorite of the series so far. I’m such a huge Selena Gomez fan, and she seems like so much fun in the car with James Corden! When they drive through McDonald’s… I couldn’t handle it!
THREE // Screw Mastery

It’s never too late to pivot in your career and learn something new. In fact, it could be worthwhile to push yourself out of your comfort zone and do something you’re not good at. The author of this essay decides to quit her job and do something completely different, at 40.

FOUR // What College Recruiters Can Teach Your Child

This NY Times article is a must-read for everyone in high school. And parents, too.

FIVE // Broadway for Orlando “What the World Needs Now Is Love”

Try to watch this and not get goosebumps. I’m obsessed. Definitely worth downloading the song on iTunes as 100% of the proceeds will go to The Center Orlando. I have had the song stuck in my head for days. It’s just amazing.

SIX // Scalloped Button-Front Skirt

I practiced some self-restraint here and only bought this skirt in red. The minute I saw it I just fell in love– it looks so cute, and I can’t wait for it to come in the mail!

SEVEN // Nurse Performs CPR In Her Wedding Gown

I loved this story! A woman, who happens to be a nurse and happened to have just tied the knot, performed CPR while wearing her wedding gown. “I kind of forgot about the day’s activities and focused on saving this woman’s life.”

EIGHT // Amy Schumer and Anna Wintour Switch Places

This video for Vogue had me in tears from laughing. Anna Wintour is amazing in it and seriously hilarious. She really nails those mic drops!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Sara White

My sister and I got hooked on the OC on vacation too! We had taken a ski trip to Blue Mountain in Ontario and the equivalent of MTV there (MUCH music channel) was playing it starting from the beginning!



On My Radar

Want to know how to guarantee a good week? Kick it off with a super fancy dinner on Sunday night that goes right into early Monday morning. Garrett and I made reservations last month for Eleven Madison Park which is the fifth best restaurant in the world right now.
It was honestly one of the coolest as well as the most delicious dinners I’ve ever enjoyed. We didn’t take out our phones (so no photos– the NY Times has some), but there were too many courses to count, each better than the last. I unzipped my dress in the cab home because I was so full. My favorite course was their take on a breakfast sandwich: super tiny perfectly buttered biscuits, caviar, miniature eggs Benedict, and hollandaise sauce. We finished at 1am with coffee, a milk chocolate guessing game, and a fancy take on the New York pretzel. Definitely an amazing night. 
On my radar…

ONE // Kate Spade Expansion

Kate Spade just announced a major expansion plan… including a partnership with Magnolia Bakery, a line of kitchenware with Macy’s, yoga clothes, and a furniture line. Hello! Who’s excited?!

TWO // On Beauty

A new documentary is coming out featuring beautiful (truly beautiful!) children who were born with various conditions. I teared up– and smiled a lot– while watching the trailer and can’t wait to see the full film.

THREE // Breathing Gif

As someone who frequently suffers from panic attacks, I know both the benefits of breathing techniques and the actual challenge of getting your breathing under control. It seems like breathing should be super easy, I mean, it’s part of the autonomic nervous system after all. Yet, during a panic attack or simply times of stress, it can be a hurdle. I loved this GIF because it helps you get a great balance and rhythm without having to think much.

FOUR // PS22’s “I’m Gonna Love You Through It”

NSFW, unless you’re totally comfortable bawling in front of your coworkers. You’ve been warned.

FIVE // Headspace

Maxie and I tried a 30 day meditation challenge and we both failed miserably. I couldn’t get into it. But, I recently learned about Headspace, a guided 10 minute/day meditation program you can access online or on your phone. I’m tempted to try… any users out there who recommend it?!

Anything great on your radar this weekend or fun weekend plans?!

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Audrey Lin

Oh wow ALL of that is one meal? I thought that was the menu and you had to order which items you wanted. But this is even better! I'll take it all! / That GIF is awesome 🙂 / My favorite meditation is THIS ONE I found on YouTube. You'll love it!!! Well, I hope you will because I do 😀 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Caitlin Cooper

That. Restaurant. Looks. Amazing! I can't believe they serve ALL of that food in one sitting! I would probably do a little belt-loosening as well after that meal… That being said, the menu for that night alone makes me want to make reservations this second though!

Caitlin | Your Typical Prep


That restaurant looks amazing! Oh my goodness. I would be so overwhelmed. I will have to try Headspace! I've been suffering from a lot of stress recently, and while I've gotten better with managing it, I think meditation and an app like Headspace may help!


I can't wait for the Kate Spade collection! And I'll be watching those videos later tonight so I'm not ugly crying in front of people lol! Also I've tried Headspace and I did it for a week in the summer, tbh it takes a whole lot of willpower to comit to it everyday. I stopped because it became a drag, and it wasn't something that I felt I had time for or had any interest in. My therapist asked me to give a try so I did but I gave up and now find little things that help me- like running a few miles or reading a good book:) I hope my review helps a little bit, if you have any questions about the app though you can always comment me back:)

Joyce Novacek

Headspace has a nice "take 10" challenge where you get your first 10 10-minute sessions for free. I enjoyed that, and thought it was really well done, but haven't bit the bullet and paid for it yet!


I love Headspace! I actually loved it so much that I decided to take a leap on the paid version, even though it would normally be out of my price range. The premium version has awesome specific sessions plus guided and unguided sessions. It's nice to have some guidance when you're just getting started and then transition to the unguided.



On My Radar

I had a packed week! So many great things, but also a whole lot of late nights to make up for the fun. Plus, I’m in Dallas right now for the rewardStyle conference so I was trying to fit so much in before hitting the road. This is how I felt every night around 2am when I finally went to bed:
Teddy gets it. Big yawns. (Also, I’m wearing pajama shorts in that photo, haha!)
Wearing: Kate Spade Stelli Dress (c/o)
It was absolutely a work hard, play hard week. Kate Spade invited Garrett and me to a screening of the documentary Iris. I feel like I know Iris Apfel from her photographs, but WOW. This film is incredible. She’s such an interesting woman and has had a fascinating career. I more than teared up when it got to the parts about her sweet relationship with her husband. 
We also saw Live From New York, a documentary about Saturday Night Live. An entertaining documentary for sure. I mean, you can’t go wrong with SNL’s funniest clips and exclusive interviews with past hosts and cast members. Oh, I cried in this one as well.
And what meeting could be better than a macaron meeting?
What’s been on my radar this week:

ONE // Love Our Nurses!

I think this is one of the best “reaction” videos out there. I watched it on repeat a couple of times. Don’t forget to thank your nurses!!!

TWO // Full House Sequel on Netflix

It’s official!!! Netflix is making a sequel for Full House. I think FH is one of those shows you can watch every episode six times and never get sick of it. Truth be told, I will be devastated if Michelle Tanner is not a part of the cast (aka MK&A!!!). The horse back riding accident episode is one of my favorites because both girls were in it. Now, I assumed the Olsens were too busy/above the show to be involved, but it turns out they didn’t know about it?! I hope this means that they will be included after all!

THREE // Cup of Jo’s Relationship Advice Post

I found this interview to be very interesting in terms of relationships. I’m by no means a relationship expert, but being in one (a real one for the first/only time in my life) has opened my eyes a bit!

FOUR // Alison’s Nautical Patio

My friend Alison recently decorated her new patio. I’ve been getting sneak peeks over text message photos, but still, I’m blown away by the final result. I think she nailed it!!! (Hey Alison… can I come visit soon??)

FIVE // Vibrant Paintings from Touch

One more video because I like to end these posts on an inspiring note. I kind of can’t get over how beautiful this young man’s paintings. He has gone blind but paints through touch– the end result will blow you away!

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I am beyond in love with that Kate Spade dress you are wearing!!! I want so bad 🙂 And I too an so happy for the new Full House! I just hope it is similar to what the show used to be and isn't too "new TV" esk – kind of what happened with the Boy Meets World spin off.

Annie N Belle



On My Radar

Not. A. Good. Week. Good things, but overall a kind of miserable week in terms of weather and workload. I had an (amazing) coffee meeting on Monday and called my mom on the way home. I did not believe her when she informed me that the “Polar Vortex” was coming back. I stopped dead in my tracks and was… speechless. (Then I googled it to confirm.)
It wouldn’t have been that bad, I mean, we survived it a couple of weeks ago. BUT, with a puppy who refuses to wear booties and a sheet of ice everywhere… our long walk routine was majorly disrupted. Teddy and I both were disappointed. Add in an early morning photoshoot for spring (three looks: two pairs of shorts and a dress) when it was 10 degrees feels like –1 and let’s just say I’m ready for a tropical trip. (Which I booked… to the Dominican Republic. The first week of March. OMG!)
Back in December, I felt like I kept putting things off into January and, well, it’s certainly caught up to me. The longest of nights and a sneaking suspicion that I have bit off more than I can chew. 
But, as Eleanor Roosevelt so perfectly put, “with the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”
ONE // Chanel
When I saw these Chanel sneakers on The Terrier and The Lobster, my jaw dropped. I mean, they’re gorgeous. Every pair is different, but quite perfect. Love the tweed, the colors, the lace, the ribbons. A beautiful juxtaposition in a very practical way. (As far as tweed sneakers can be practical, that is.)

TWO // Julie Andrews

Want to know who my new spirit animal is? Julie Andrews. I guess in my head, I think of Julie Andrews as her characters. But she’s so not Mary Poppins or Maria or Queen Clarisse Renaldi. This video shows a different side of her, and not to mention I think this is one of the best celebrity interviews, ever.

THREE // Toddlewood

I don’t really know what Toddlewood is, but I like it. Mini-versions of red carpet celebrities. I don’t follow along with the awards seasons or the red carpet at all… yet, I found these side by side images absolutely adorable! (The mini Jennifer Lawrence is too perfect!)

FOUR // Cipe Pineles 

If you’re interested in journalism (even remotely) and/or if you love reading about inspiring women, you have to read this blog post on Design Work Life. I loved learning more about Cipe Pineles and her role in journalism… and seeing peeks at old magazine spreads. A must-read.

FIVE // The Cup Song

Beautiful. Just beautiful. (Why was I not invited– you know besides the obvious fact that I don’t speak the language.) I really love the soloists in this… possibly the best.

PS I’m so ready for warmer weather… especially for spring and summer dresses. The J. Crew scalloped dress is back (in navy, citrus, and poppy!).
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Laura Garrett

Can we please be best friends?

I've met Julie Andrews twice in NYC and she is just as wonderful as she is in the movies. I can't express enough how much I love Julie Andrews and I'm so happy there is someone else out there that loves her as much as me.

Amy Grant

LOVE those Chanel sneakers. There are a purple pearlescent sequinned pair that are particularly stunning. Have a great weekend! Amy xx

Sarah Burton

Oh Julie Andrews is just perfection. Sadly I have never thought about her doing other films besides the four you mentioned. I need to look up more! And that cup song? So so beautiful.

Sinead Loftus

The song – I went to that Irish College when I was 15. Was the best 3 weeks of my teen life. They put such a great emphasis on music and not just traditional Irish music as demonstrated by the video.
So proud that this made your list Carly 🙂


I'm super ready for spring. I have a countdown on my phone marking when time changes, meaning it will stay light later, and when spring officially starts.

Tara Louise

Oh my gosh I share an equal obsession with julie andrews – my family used to call me mary poppins when I was little because I was so obsessed. gah!


That cup song is beyond amazing! I thought that it was cool in the move, but this is just taking it to the next level!


Where in the Dominican Republic are you staying?! I was just there two weeks ago and it was fabulous (and warm!).