Yappy Hour

Teddy has a better social calendar than I do. Seriously. There are so many events for dogs in the city, especially in the summer when the weather is great. The Ritz-Carlton down in Battery Park hosted a Yappy Hour (LOL) for dogs on their outdoor patio.
It was honestly the cutest thing in the entire world and Teddy had a blast. It was like a puppy’s dream party. Treats to enjoy, toys to play with, and flavored water. (They had bowls of chicken and beef flavored water everywhere…. Teddy was overserved haha. We couldn’t keep him away from the bowls and I don’t think he’s ever consumed as much water. We had to take him for a walk every 30 minutes from the time we got home until we went to bed.)
Just look at that face!!! He was loving every minute of it.
Teddy playing with his new Bernedoodle friend Ribbit.
Ribbit is only five months old and a pretty chill dog (compared to crazy Teddy). He would just flop right on down for some belly rubs. Beyond sweet.
Puppy playtime!!!

Teddy even had a crush on Chloe, a miniature Frenchie haha!!!

I just had to share these photos. I feel like it’s a little weird to have a dog in such a big city like NYC, and I always get questions about what it’s like. Frankly I don’t know anything different and neither does Teddy. And these kinds of events are just too fun. 

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Teddy is sooo cute! I am getting a toy poodle soon as well and I was just wondering if you had any recommendations for good training books or what resources you used when he was a puppy?! Thanks :).

Allie Harris

So cute! It's nice to know that there are plenty of options for pets in the concrete jungle that is NYC!