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Recently my travels have been completely amazing. Amazing, but exhausting. There’s something about getting somewhere and getting back that can really take it out of me. Especially when it’s a work trip, I come back feeling so frazzled and tired. My emails get out of control. There’s extra laundry.
Sometimes I come and think it wasn’t worth it, but this weekend was different. I went to Rhode Island to lead a workshop at a conference and spent the rest of Saturday and Sunday with one of my long-time, long-distance blog friends Alison!! While I have been re-falling in love with NYC, getting out of town to just relax and have fun with my friend was perfect!!
We had the best low-key weekend. Including, but not limited to: Frozen, cheese (why have I never had a cheese board before?), and outlet shopping. Oh, and driving in cars– something I seriously miss living in the city. 
The train ride back to the city was a hard one. Crowded, loud, and hot. No internet, no Prep Talk. The sky was beautiful coming out of the station, but I overlooked it as I was distracted by the insanity of the city. (Really, I watched a pedestrian get hit by a cab in a horrific way.) I found myself crying in the backseat of the cab, stuck in traffic, and totally shaken from what I had witnessed and overwhelmed from scrolling through the week’s calendar. I reminded myself that it would all get done and to just take it one day– or rather appointment– at time. And then I reminded myself that I have amazing friends who let me takeover their guest rooms and let me escape the city for quality girl time. And I smiled the rest of the way back.

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Amber Lee Rosenzweig

I've been having a bit of the opposite dilemma. I'm stuck just outside of the city for a few months and traveling back and forth was supposed to be seemingly simple, well, it's turned into a total nightmare (service terrible and unreliable, a 15 minute trip turning into two hours and two am). I am so completely exhausted by it, but every time I have an amazing day/evening/weekend with my friends I remind myself that the trip is worth it. Thank goodness it will be over soon enough!


Really? You watch someone get hit by a cab, and this post is all about you? So glad that YOU got over that experience, and learned to handle the stress of companies paying for your vacations. So happy you were happy to "smile the rest of the way back".


That's one of the worst parts about living in NYC. You see just about everything and there's rarely anything you can do about unfortunately. I was in a cab on the other side of the street and could literally do nothing about it. It's unfortunate and upsetting and definitely one of my least favorite parts about New York; it's horrible. There's only so much you can do every day and sometimes I can feel very helpless in it all.


I wasn't trying to suggest that you should have done something. I just thought it was in poor taste to mention someone getting hit by a cab within the context of feeling stressed from lack of internet/a busy calendar/busy traffic. A little perspective is good for everyone.


I agree with Kristen. A BC senior was killed last week because of a cab in NYC. She was there for job interviews and could have been one of your readers for all I know. Perhaps this wasn't the same person you saw. However, I think that you should have probably left out the comment about someone getting by a cab. It was gratuitous and served no purpose in proving your point (which I presume was about how overwhelmed you were feeling about juggling your upcoming activities and juxtaposing them with your personal obligations).


I feel like I'm eternally on the one day (or one thing) at a time plan, but that's okay, because that's what works for me. I'm a planner, but have run into some roadblocks recently that have prevented me from planning everything out exactly as I'd like. I'm learning to be okay with that and just go with the flow.