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Between two laptops in college and my iPhone and my iMac, my photos are in complete chaos. Some are here, some are there, some are both here and there, some are in the cloud. Gosh, some are even in the other cloud (or one of my ten Dropbox accounts). I was attempting– I failed– to organize my photos. Instead, I ended up finding quite a few forgotten gems! I actually found photos that Amy and I had taken in the winter for a magazine that ended up not getting published.
The outfit was totally not suitable for a winter day (did I mention it was SNOWING?!), but now it totally works for a springtime outfit! Happy to have found the photos and even happier that it’s the perfect time to share.
Isn’t the tunic fun? They’re one of the easiest looks to pull off, in my opinion, and chic and comfortable. Sounds like a win/win/win to me! 
I borrowed Amy’s clutch for the photos. It’s not available anymore, but I found some similar styles:
Persifor Tunic // White Jeans // Jack Rogers Wedges

Monogram Necklace // Bow Ring // Initial Ring // Nail Color: Essie “Chubby Cheeks”

Anyone else love the tunic + skinny jeans look?


PS How does everyone organize their photos on the computer? It’s a crazy mess over here!

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Love the tunic! I definitely want to start getting some for spring/summer! I love it with the white skinny's 🙂

Amber Lee Rosenzweig

What would we live in if it weren't for tunics? It was the J. Crew tunic sweater all winter and now it's tops like this and Sail To Sable tunics for the summer. Bring on the warm weather! Also, loving the pop of red with the light blue color combination.


It looks great! I love how you chose to wear it with pants. Tunics always look better with pants. Also that beaded clutch was absolutely gorgeous!


Cute tunic. As for my photos, they are sorted by event, but within those folders they're kind of a hot mess. I start out organizing them, but then I get bored and stop.