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Gifts for Our Four Legged Friends

This list leans a little (er, a lot) dog-focused because I have two dogs myself. But it’s really just a fun list to get your gears turning for gifts for pets. I try to get my dogs some fun treats around the holidays and extra toys. And by toys, I really mean just more balls because they’re the only toys they really care about. I usually buy youth tennis balls and open the bag so they get a little “flat.” And they both love these bouncy/squeaky ones.

Dog Bowls

Some fun things we have and love:

Personalized Chinoiserie Bowls // Dana sent the dogs these bowls this summer and they are gorgeous in person. I love the weight of them– the dogs can’t push them around while they’re eating. Plus, they’re just chic.

Furbo // Okay we got to test the Furbo as part of a partnership and OMG the three of us are obsessed. I wasn’t sure that they’d get into it… but they totally are. At first, they were a little scared (especially Ham!), but now they know this little machine shoots out treats so they sometimes sit underneath it and try to get my attention so I’ll shoot some more out from my phone. I personally love checking in on the camera and talking to them when I’m out and about.

Barbour Dog Bed + Barbour Dog Coat // These are absolute splurges and my dogs don’t know the difference. But a) the bed is insanely comfortable. It’s Teddy’s bed of choice 90% of the time. (Ham likes to sprawl out on pillows or the very hard floor…) And b) the coats are S-H-A-R-P!

Chappy Wrap // So I don’t know what it is about this blanket but the dogs are obsessed with it. Like moths to a flame, the second I put this blanket out, they are snuggled on top of it. I like the full size because I can use and there’s still room for both Ham and Ted. They also make a children’s size though which could be perfect for one dog if you don’t like to share.


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I am absolutely loving all your posts about your pups! I am a veterinarian and my clients often ask me what to get their fur babies for the holidays. I will refer them to your post! Can you share some videos of your Furbo?

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