Cold Weather

My Magic Boots

First, I have to admit that we took these photos on what must have been the coldest morning we’ve had this season so far. I have an issue where my eyes tear terribly in cold weather– like not just watery… it looks like I watched the world’s saddest movie. By the time we finished shooting, my blouse was legitimately wet from so many tears falling and I finally called it quits. 😂

J. Crew Lodge Coat

Let’s talk about THE BOOTS though. I first talked about how much I loved them last month. From first wear, I was a fan. As I’ve gotten more use out of them though, I now think of them as my MAGIC BOOTS.

They work with dresses and skirts for a fancy look. They work with jeans for a chic daytime look. They work dressed down.


I didn’t know how much my closet was missing a shoe like these until I had them. This past Sunday it was freezing and raining and I totally didn’t want to take off my slippers. But I was going to an event. Where I would have normally sacrificed style for practicality… I did not have to with these over the knee boots. I knew I’d be dry and warm and still feeling cute.

PS They fit true to size!

Over the Knee Boots

But the best part? And where the magic comes into play… they somehow, miraculously make my legs look a mile long. I’m not complaining.

A handful of people DMed me about how to keep jeans from bunching at the knee. I’m not sure that there’s a specific secret other than going for skinny jeans that are smooth at least from mid-thigh to ankle. I also think your jeans have to be somewhat cropped– at the very least the hem should be above your ankle bones both for comfort and style. Any lower and the boot may be uncomfortable against your bones or look lumpy if the hem is bunching at the ankle!

I also think it helps to put your foot and then leg slowly into the boot. The slower I go, the least likely the leg of the jean is to roll up and bunch.

(I just put one of the boots on so I could write out how I do it 😂 I hope I described it okay.)

Black and Camel Outfit Monogrammed Black Tote Waterproof Over the Knee Boots

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I am SO GLAD I got these boots thanks to you! I have the ones from Nordstrom and I agree, they do make your legs look a mile long. They are so comfy and also pass the “teacher test” of me standing for hours on end. I had to go up half a size bc I have athletic calves (but I have found lately I do go up a half size in boots to accommodate socks, so I agree on TTS). Thanks for highlighting these!


Emily Rose

I recommend putting your socks OVER your jeans and then put boots on. It looks ridiculous but creates a smooth look. Agree as well that a skinny cropped style works best. I have three pairs of the SW version and wear them endlessly!

Shayla McMurray

Also I always wear crew socks so I can put them over my jeans! Then you can slip right in the boot no issues 🙂


I LOVE these!! A couple of weeks ago, I was popping into Nordstrom, and they had these on an incredible sale, and I was ready to just buy them, but they didn’t have my size… so now I have been stalking an Nordstrom/the website, and I am ready to buy when I find my size, ahaha! I love how chic these look, and the fact that they are waterproof is even better! 🙂

xx Libby

Maitland Frilot

I bought these boots two years ago on major sale. I bought them after we went on a girls trip to New York for a weekend and these were the only shoes my sister brought. We walked through snow, freezing temps, went to theatre, nice dinners, and casual days walking around. After that I was sold! Also, my trick for getting jeans not to bunch is tucking my jeans into my socks! Love this outfit and all of your posts!


These boots are chic, you look sophisticated in them. Loving your evolving style.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Cathy M

Another tip to putting on the boots (if someone hasn’t mentioned it already)…a kind saleslady once helped me try on a pair of very pricey OTK boots, and explained that you must fold the top over about halfway so that you can put your foot and most of your calf in the boot without your jeans bunching up. Once you’ve got your foot in, then simply pull the rest of the boot up. Et voila!

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