Gilmore Girls

You know how I took a bit of a vacation from blogging over Christmas? Well, I replaced work with binge-watching Gilmore Girls
Here’s the thing about GG. I’ve watched a lot of various episodes over the years with reruns on ABC Family. But I only watched episode by episode so I never really got the whole plot line. While there are some elements/characters that bug me (Michel, for example… why was he never fired?!), the show is just so good.
I love the mother/daughter dynamics and how they constantly shift throughout the series with Lorelei and Rory both maturing and regressing in different episodes. I love how the town of Stars Hollow is perfectly quaint with an entire cast of quirky characters. I love how Lorelei and Rory both find professional growth (I mean, Lorelei’s inn is pretty legit), while working through the ups and downs of their personal life (#teamluke).
There were so many, too many, episodes that I could relate to… but it was Rory going off to college that made me cry. Hard. As I watched the frantic preparation leading up to Rory leaving for Yale, it was like I was right there with her. Showing up to class insanely early? Yep, did that. Feeling alone and terrified the minute her mom left? YES. (Although my mom flew back to Florida so it wasn’t like I could page her to come right back and spend the night and bribe the roommates with takeout….)
Okayyyy…. please tell me I’m not the only one who LOVES this show?! 

PS Buzzfeed has a list of every single book that Rory mentions reading throughout the series.… I’m so tempted to use that as my reading guide for the next few years. (But let’s be real, it would take decades for me to get through it, some of those books are real doozies!)
PPS Who else noticed that Rory basically invented the #selfie?

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Michaela Fisch

You are definitely not the only one who loves the show. Gilmore Girls is the greatest thing ever! It disappoints me a little that my mom and I don't have a relationship like Lorelai and Rory but there's nothing about that show that I dislike. Except that it ended too soon!

I also tried to do Rory's reading list when I was in high school and watching the show. Too… many… books!

Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

Shannon H

I've always loved Gilmore Girls! I started and watched all the seasons back in middle school and have totally picked it pack up now that it's on Netflix. It will definitely always be a favorite of mine! Their witty lines never get old 🙂 xoxo

Shannon |

Madeeha Syed

Ohmygosh yes!! I watched it back when it first came out on the then WB and again on ABC family and not going to lie, binge watched it all in October. I find both characters to be so relatable and the whole show is just flawless.

Audrey Lin

When I found out I got accepted to my ED college around this time last year I was so excited! All the girls in the Facebook group were introducing themselves and sharing their interests (I attend a women's college), and Gilmore Girls came up! We also wanted to do that thing and order a bunch of takeout and rate the food, service, delivery, delivery guy 😀 Blanket forts were also in the picture. // One of my goals this year is to do more independent reading. I joined the GoodReads 2015 reading challenge and signed myself up for 15 books. It's a lot less than what many bookworms set (one of my favorite book blogs set her goal to 100, which she has consistently hit (last year she set her goal to 150 and read 140something)), but as long as I'm reading consistently then I'm happy! Stats are irrelevant. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


Ha, I have a post about GG scheduled for Friday! Great minds think alike 🙂 Although we differ in that Michel was one of my favorite characters – he could have improved his customer service skills for sure, but his snark did make me laugh out loud!

Fiona Stevenson

You're not the only one! I've been obsessed with this shown ever since it came to ABC Family and Rory has been one of my inspirations for years. I haven't watched them all since they came to Netflix but I'm excited to watch them all again! Also #TeamLuke

Interrupted Pow

I LOVE Gilmore Girls as well! I have watched the entire show like a thousand times. Although, I have to admit I was bummed about the ending, since they had issues with the show's writers on the last season, it was a bit different I think from the rest…
Was I the only one hoping Jess would be in the diner with Luke when Rory went inside on the last episode…
Oh Well 🙁

Pow! |

Southwestern Prepster

Gilmore Girls has definitely been one of my all-time favorite shows! I was so excited when I saw it was added on Netflix! Lorelai and Rory are one of the greatest examples of the mother-daughter relationship. Did you hear that the actor who played Richard, Lorelai's father/Rory's grandfather, recently passed away?
xx, Mikkaela


I've only started watching this show recently and I'm still on the first season but I LOVE this show so much! I loved it from the first episode and I can't stop watching it, it's so nice and funny and just sweet, it always puts me in a great mood!

Lanie W.

I watched the show when it was still airing live and (not to be melodramatic) it honestly made such a huge impact on my life. Seeing Rory deal with mean girls in high school / not having a huge group of friends / only dating two boys / being close with her mom / loving to read etc made me feel less alone and like it was okay for me to be the same way and deal with the same things. Seeing her (mostly) thrive once she got to college gave me hope that everything would turn out fine. I think every girl needs a show/book/movie like this to look at during those tough tween/teenage years and know that they're not alone and that everything will eventually work out.

Although I own all the seasons on dvd, I still watch it on Netflix because it takes me back to being that young and in the midst of such change. Watching it now, almost 10 years later I'm where Rory was at the end of the series and am still using her as a benchmark. Sigh, it's just one of the bests. Long live GG!

-Lanie W. //

Vicky O

I. LOVE. GILMORE GIRLS. Best show ever in my book. I have yet to watch a show that comes in comparison to it. I own the whole DVD collection. That is how much I heart it.
If Stars Hollow existed I would move there immediately and have breakfast every morning at Luke's Diner. Read a book under the gazebo. And probably attend the town meetings at Miss Patty's dance studio!

Colleen Dwyer

I loved Gilmore Girls! I just finished the series over break, but hated the way that the show ended. I felt like there were too many loose ends. I wish I could see where Rory and Lorelei are in life 8 years later!

Sarah Gouin

Thanks for the link to the book list! My husband and I loved watching Gilmour Girls and I would like to watch the whole series again…when I have time!


I LOVE GG! I have been a fan form the beginning and I own all of them on DVD…I rewatch them over and over again, I could quote them for you. I desperately want them to do a GG movie to wrap things up!

Erin Lewis

This is so funny because I just got Netflix last week so I could watch Gilmore Girls! I also had only seen a few episodes here and there, so I love watching it from the beginning. I also read a rumor online about a GG movie.


I done the same thing over my Christmas break! I caught a few episodes here and there during my school years but never in any particular order. I only got to season 3 since I divided my attention between GG and reading The Goldfinch :).


I've been rewatching Gilmore Girls too! I'm in the middle of the 4th season right now. I'll probably only watch through the 5th or 6th season though since the last season and a half really bothered me. I thought the writing went wayyy down hill when the original showrunner left GG. The ending was pretty disappointing. So instead of torturing myself with hopes of a GG movie (!!) I'll just stop in the show's prime.

– Kelsey

Emily Fuller

I just started watching this show last week! I'm only a few episodes into the first season and I ADORE it. Lorellye and Rory are both so relatable!


You're not the only one who love the Gilmore Girls. It was my had to. must-watch show when I was in high school and I think I drove my roommate a little crazy in college watching the Gilmore Girls ABCFamily re-runs. It is seriously one of the best shows!


McKenna Lee Brock

So funny! I've totally been binge-watching this with my sister. I'm not sure what season we're on but Rory is in her freshman year at Yale and she's trying to get on staff for the newspaper. Sookie just had her baby and they're opening up the Dragonfly. So many things happening in Stars Hollow right now!

It's kind of eerie because Rory's grandpa (well, the actor) just died last week or something. He was amazing on the show and the world lost a great actor. 🙁

Maria Rogers

I did the same! Conquered the whole series over winter break! The way I relate to about everything they go through and the humor in the way the handle things gets me every time!

Bridgette Langdon

I used to watch Gilmore Girls way back in high school, but if I ever see an episode on TV these days, I just can't resist. I'm sure I've seen them all many times, but the quick wit of the characters is just too good. Plus, I wish I could be BFFs with Rory and Lorelai :). #teamluke



Oh I have a serious GG addiction!! I love the quick, witty banter between essentially all of the characters (I watched a DVD extra that said most scripts were about double the size of scripts for other shows that were the same length, because of how fast the characters talked – crazy!)

Costco had all the seasons on DVD while I was in grade 12, so my mom bought them all and slowly gave them to me as gifts for birthdays, Christmases, and achievements (graduating high school, getting on the honour roll). I went through them way too fast, though, so she had to make up reasons like, "Oldest daughter day" and "Came home from college to visit day," when in reality she gives out presents like no one else I know, so the excuses were more for our enjoyment rather than actual explanations. GG was actually my white noise for studying for most of my university career… I had watched the seasons so many times that I could have them on and not really pay attention, but when I needed a break I could put down my books and it would only take seconds to immerse myself in whichever episode was on until it was time to hit the books again.

So glad you got to enjoy GG while taking a break!
Sweet Spontaneity


I am reading this while watching Gilmore Girls and I have been watching it nonstop for the last month!! I love Rory and Lorelai's relationship and am definitely #teamluke too (;

Renee //


So funny you posted about this as I just started watching the show a couple days ago! I too would catch the reruns on ABC Family, but I'm so glad I'm finally watching them all now. Too good! 🙂


I started watching season 5 and am on season 6 right now on Netflix. I used to watch the show when it was on TV weekly, but never watched the end of season 6 or any of 7. So I am catching up. 🙂 Loving the show.


I'd somehow managed to make it through my whole 25 years without watching a single episode. I FINALLY got around to watching a couple of seasons over Christmas when I was housesitting for a friend who has Netflix 🙂
Definitely an awesome show, I really need to get my hands on the rest of the seasons so I can finish watching it!