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Gingham on Gingham

I went crazy overboard with gingham this year. It’s only February and I’ve already acquired a gingham one-piece bathing suit (and the bikini version too), gingham pants a la Audrey Hepburn, a gingham coverup, the gingham popover featured here, and– of course– the gingham lined trench coat.
If there was any doubt that I have a problem, I think we’ve now established that I’m completely obsessed.
We had the best taste of spring this weekend. I always judge the weather when I walk Teddy first thing in the morning. I have a routine of throwing on a huge coat, comfortable boots, and bracing myself for the frigid temps. Sunday morning, when I walked outside, I was greeted with legitimately warm air. WARM air! In the morning! My mood was instantly lifted.
I was heading into the city for a quick trip to Kate Spade’s new home pop up shop and it was so nice seeing everyone outside walking around with smiles and light jackets. Spring can’t come soon enough! 
I took the sixty degrees as a sign that I should bring out my white jeans for their inaugural run this year. I don’t really love white shoes (except for summer sandals), but these light pink ballet flats are just right!

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I'm so into gingham this year too. I need to pick up another gingham swim suit for spring break!


Do you have one of the J. Crew Field jackets? It's just a smidge warmer than that since it has the gingham lining.

I'd say it's the same warmth as a typical trench coat! Anything above 50 degrees with the right layers, you should be good!

Ashley Blum

That answers my question perfectly! Thank you so much – always so appreciative of you answering your readers questions!!

I'm sold. Just when a girl thinks she has too many jackets…


Old Navy currently has an adorable gingham peplum top as well as some gingham chino shorts (if you feel yourself needing any more gingham items)!

Taylor Knittel

So brave to bring out the white pants! I went to Savannah this weekend and as I was packing, I considered my white pants since it was in the mid-60s, but I couldn't bring myself to do it yet. I don't follow the Easter rule, but I couldn't bring myself to do it in February. Now that I see you pulling them out, though, I just might have to do it too!

Taylor | Positively Taylor