Spring Break Style

This mild winter has me ready to fast forward to completely warm weather. I always psych myself out thinking that it automatically starts being warm again on March 1. I know we have at least until May before the temperatures consistently start warming up.
I’m craving some real sun though. I had a long weekend planned to visit my parents in Florida in March, but extended it for a whole week. (Partly for the sun and partly because the flights were insanely expensive so I’m flying in and out on the cheapest days which happen to be a week apart.) I’m going to try to get to the beach and/or pool for at least a day or two. Hopefully that will tie me over until it’s actually summer here in Connecticut!
I found a bunch of really cute spring break-y things at Bloomingdale’s that really have me craving a day at the beach with friends. They have everything you need for an ideal packing list, from cute swim suits to quirky accessories to make the day extra fun (and Instagrammable).
Gingham Dress* (under $100!) // Longchamp Weekender // Scallop Dress (under $100!)
* Bloomingdale’s Aqua line has really cute, fashion forward dresses that are pretty affordable!

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