Gingham Sandals

I’m more than a little obsessed with this outfit. There is nothing quite like a white tee and jeans in my opinion. Easiest outfit ever? Yes. But also the easiest to accessorize with because it’s such a “blank slate.”

Talbots sent me these gingham bow sandals and they have just been sitting pretty. I have been dying for warm weather, for a lot of reasons, but pretty much namely to wear the sandals.


I can make most shoes work for my foot. I’m lucky that my size is a very “true” size so I rarely have to deviate and 95% of the time I wear the same size. The only issue I sometimes run into is the volume of my ankle; sometimes ankle strap sandals are too loose. I LOVE that these sandals tie with a ribbon because you can make them as tight or as loose as you need them to be. I’m all about a “custom” fit. Also, it’d be easy to swap out the gingham for another ribbon if you want a whole new look.

Gingham Bow Sandals

Carly the Prepster

Okay, also… guys…. I started parting my hair on the other side and I just don’t know what took me so long. I feel like this is the side my hair should have been parted this whole time!!! Like, 28 years later and I finally figured it out. It’s funny because people (aka strangers) have always suggested that I get bangs, presumably to cover my huge forehead, haha. But the thing is, I have very curly and frizzy hair naturally and bangs would 100% not work with my texture. Trust me, I would have chopped the bangs right away if I thought it’d help with my forehead situation….

Anyway, my forehead is still the same size, obviously, but somehow less dramatic with the new part. I’m into it.

I’ve been doing it for almost two weeks now and I think it’s slowly starting to feel more natural. At first I was having to really train my hair to stay on the other side of my head. I kept forgetting that I switched my part so I’d run my hands through my hair and mess it up and my scalp felt super tender for the first five days. It’s starting to “stick” now; although it still takes a bit of coaxing fresh out of the shower.

Ray Ban Clubmaster

Also I’m sad to report that the top has officially sold out. I loooooove when I can rewear my favorite pieces through different seasons and everything is still in stock. It’s still available in navy and black (I have both, too, ha), but I did find a similar white option here.

If you want a similar trend, but with a bit of a twist, I’m totally into this ric rac bell sleeve– I’m trying to be good about not buying things still, but this is tempting me big time!

Carly Heitlinger   Monogrammed Louis Vuitton

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Love this look and verrryy into that bag. I’m not usually a fan of logo bags, but with the monogram I am obsessed *insert heart eye emoji*.
xoxo Logan Christine

P.S. Maybe it’s because I’m super tired but I was totally tripping out when I say this post said May 1st even though it’s still April 30th here in LA, lol. I think I need to sleep now…goodnight!


And now I’m definitely going to try parting my hair on the other side…what if I’ve been doing mine wrong for decades, too?! Haha!


I seriously cannot get over what a change your hair part is – you look amazing and your hair has been total #goals recently!

Kelly Larkin

HOW DID I NOT REALIZE YOU CAN SWITCH OUT THE RIBBON?! *Adds striped ribbon to Amazon cart.* xoxo