I had to all caps the title of this post because, um, it’s a gingham cake. Originally hadn’t planned on dedicating a whole post to this. I’ve been trying to keep my Youtube content separate (although if you want to subscribe, please do! two new videos go up every week!)

How to make a gingham cake

I met Stephanie Nass at an event a couple of weekends ago. I sat a few people down from her and the two of us started chatting about her catering business. I nearly died when I saw her tartan cake– and gown. She tried to convince me that making the cakes was actually super easy. I did not believe her and thought it could be a fun video tutorial.


Decorating the cake seriously couldn’t easier… I was shocked. It looks like a million bucks but I swear, absolutely anyone can make this. Stephanie makes her own vanilla cake and buttercream frosting, but you can actually use her sheets to decorate any cake (including storebought or from a box).

Watch the video to see just how simple it is!

Gingham Cake

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I am filing this under things I didn’t know I want but now I do! You’re right, it seems fairly easy to do. How great would this be on a Fourth of July dinner table! xx Rox-Anne Celebrating This Life


I LOVE the cake and anything gingham. I didn’t realize how you could make it on your own. If only I could be that crafty ha.


This looks absolutely incredible! I’m a really lousy baker, but if ~anyone~ can make it, then I’ll have to give this beautiful gingham cake a go!