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Graduation Gifts

My inbox has been flooded with graduation gift ideas. My parents gifted me furniture for my first apartment. I couldn’t think of anything better. Sometimes I wish I had opted for something a little fancier like a piece of jewelry, but not having to spend money the first week of moving into an expensive (for me at the time!) apartment was so worth it. I’d give the same advice to graduates and parents, opt for the practical. It is NOT as much fun, but it will help set you up for success in the future. I think all the time about how I hit the ground running saving money right from the start of my first foray into the real world and it’s kind of like the gift that keeps on giving.

But, I get that every family is different, so I’m rounding up a few things that I think would make fun and/or practical graduation gifts. As you’re looking at this, I’d definitely consider this more of a category thing. I’m including my favorite brands and items, but if a different price point would be better for you, of course, go with that.

Graduations GIfts

Notebook // Camera // Watch

Ring // Monogrammed Weekender

Pearl + Diamond Necklace //Monogrammed Suitcase // Passport Holder

Work Tote // Fragrance // Makeup Brushes

What would you add to the list?

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Supal // @chevronseclairs

I got a job offer right before graduation and was supposed to start a month after, so my parents gifted me a really nice suits, three silk blouses and a pair of really nice shoes. I got so much wear out of them and still do! So glad they went practical actually. When I graduated with my MA is when they got me a pair of pearl earrings and a pearl necklace, so sentimental… still practical. I love, LOVE the idea of luggage btw!


These are great, but I’ve been looking for gift ideas for guys! I have a male cousin graduating from undergrad soon and I’ve been trying to decide what to get him!!


Most useful graduation present I got: a toaster oven.
Least useful graduation present I received: a briefcase.


Do you have any suggestions for gifts for friends who are graduating? I graduated last year but all my friends are graduating this year and I am stuck on what to give. I love the ideas above but they are either way out of my price range as a 23yr old and too lavish. Notebook is really only thing but they already have tons of notebooks.


Yea, these are better suited for family members gifting. I’d do something those monogrammed notebooks upper left or a minimergency kit! (These are my go-to gifts for EVERYTHING!)


If it’s not too pricey, check Etsy for monogrammed “office” items. I bought my sister a monogrammed padfolio for her graduation and she still uses it years later!


Weekenders are such great graduation gifts! My mentor purchased one for me filled with thoughtful travel items like Tide to-go sticks, lint rollers, etc. I was going into a field that involved a lot travel, so it was perfect!


My cousin is graduating from law school next week and i bought her a Kate Spade lunch bag, for the days she has to stay in the office.

Ally Stuart

I would add a really nice laptop case, though you have a tote there, maybe a backpack (I, personally, am not a work tote person), maybe some LunchBots containers, and a beautiful pen (like a monogrammed Cross pen). Cheers!


For my law school graduation, my parents commissioned a painting for me of my favorite court house. I have the painting in my office. Hands down the best gift I’ve ever received!


Fun gift guide! Is this the camera you have been using? Would love to see a review or a post about how you’re liking it, especially as you’re trying to learn more about photography!