GIVEAWAY: Alter Designs

College Prep is hosting another giveaway!!!

This time, it’s with Alter Designs!

So, what’s the Giveaway?

A State Charm necklace!

The winner will get to choose which state they want to wear around their neck!

Will it be the state you were born in? The place where you summer? Are you a University of Florida girl and NEED a Florida charm??? Decisions, decisions.

College Prepster side note: I was born in Georgia, lived in Massachusetts, and now live in Florida. I might just have to buy three charms!!!

So are y’all dying for one of these? I definitely definitely definitely am. I’ve been wearing a lot more gold lately and I’m thinking a little Florida charm could be my newwwwww lucky necklace. [I’m not really superstitious… I consider my lucky necklaces to be more confidence things. Ya Ya!] Kk, so you want one???


Alright so here’s the rules for entering:

To enter the Giveaway, you must go to Alter Designs and tell me what your favorite product is in a comment!

Additional entries:

1 entry- Follow College Prep blog
1 entry- Follow Alter Design on twitter (@alterdesigns)
3 entries- Blog about this post

So you could have a grand total of SIX entries!

PLEASE include which entries you completed and total them for me in ONE comment!

Contest ends Wednesday, August 11 at 11:59 PM. Winner announced Thursday the 12th.

AWESOME GIVEAWAY!!!!! Woo Woo! Get to it readers 🙂


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Hi! :)!

I absolutely LOVE the state necklaces!! :)! They make all the states I just visited in a recent road trip! :)! but I think I would have to say the FL charm is my favorite! :)!

Follow your blog

Follow Alter Design on Twitter

Blogged about this on my tumblr



I love the state necklaces, I think I need a VA one. I follow your blog, and follow Alter Design on twitter. That should be three entires!


I didn't know you ever lived in Massachusetts, whereabouts? Love the necklaces, no time to write a blog post about it before work but I will later and get back.


I love the state necklaces the most I think, and the teardrop earrings. I follow your blog and follow Alter Designs on Twitter!


I love the State necklaces the most – I think I want a Texas one to celebrate my upcoming move to the Lonestar State!

I follow your blog and reblogged this on my Tumblr.


I love the state charms AND I think the wedding bouquet charms are adorable! I am a follower of your blog and @alterdesigns on Twitter 🙂


Absolutely LOVE the VA one. Why? I was born and raised in The Commonwealth. There's a reason why we call it a commonwealth – it originally means a political community founded for the common good; a public welfare for the common good of the people. That's what's Virginia is all about. I love it here.

I follow your blog & reblogged on my tumblr (


I would love to win a TN necklace, I have been searching for one for a while!!I also love her initial necklaces!
I'm a follower of your blog 🙂
That's two for me!


My favorite product is definitely the state necklaces! I love that you can put more than one on the same chain.

I follow your blog and follow Alter Designs on Twitter!


I LOVE these! I've GOT to get that Georgia one! Other than the state charms, I'm swooning over the Swarvoski Crystal Cuff! It's SOOOO chic!

I'm also a blog follower! 🙂


The state charms are adorable! I'd love to get an Illinios one! And a New York one!…and a California one…oh how the list goes on!

I'd have to say that my favorite item though is the nautical anchor belt buckle, it's adorable, and it would add flair to any belt!
So that's 1
2-I follow Alter designs on twitter @cdtprep
3-I follow the college prep blog
4-6 I blogged about it on my blog


I love the state charms! I was born in Alabama and love that one, but lived in Texas and love that one, too! Oh, and the monogram necklaces are adorable. My name starts with and E and it's usually so hard for me to find an "E" necklace that I like.

And…I follow alter designs on twitter, so that's 2 for me!


I love the state charms! I'm also from Florida so I think I would want the Florida one! I follow your blog and alter designs on Twitter so 2 for me!


I love the state charms-I would choose my home state or my college's state, can't decide!

1. My favorite is the script initial charm-too bad she does't currently have my initial!
2. I'm a follower!
3. I just started following alterdesigns on twitter!

Southern Sweetie:

1)I love the state necklaces the most! My Dad is in the Army so my sisters and I were all born in different states, I might have to get us all "our" state for Christmas!
2)I follow your adorable blog
3)I follow alterdesigns on twitter (SouthSweetieKG)
4) I put this giveaway on my sidebar and blogged about it-
So 6 entries please!

Sarah Brooke

I absolutely love the Virginia necklace!

1) I also love the initial necklaces at Alter designs
2) I follow your blog
3) I follow Alter designs on twitter (@sbk10)

3 entries please!

Lauren Kirven

I would love to have the South Carolina charm! I love my state!

1) I LOVE the "Lauren Conrad L Swirl" necklace on Alter Designs. My first initial is L and I love sporting it!

2) I follow your blog.

3) I also follow Alter Designs on twitter!

thank you! XOXOXO


Love the state necklaces..would need a NY and a Mass one!

1. I follow your blog!
2. I follow Alter Designs on Twitter!

3 entries please!

CT Cupcake

ooh I would love to win. My fave things is the state necklace- I live in VA but am from CT so I would love a CT necklace!
am a follower too


I love the state charm necklaces – so cute! I'm a recent follower of your blog and have really enjoyed reading 🙂

*Maybe* Baby ♥ Mama

Our journey has begun!… secretly though

If I’ve left you this message, you’re a follower of my original blog ~OR~ just someone I’ve happened upon while sending out these invites and that I would LOVE for to come along for the ride! Though I won’t be revealing who I am just yet – until we’re TO and THROUGH the first trimester! Just getting the word out about our new site – further explanation of all the secrecy and what we’re about on my first post. I’d love for you to stop by.

Exciting things going on around here!

~ the {secret} *Maybe* Baby Mama

Princess Aurora

I have had this lady on my Etsy favorites for a few weeks…… and my favorite things are her state charms!!!!!
I was born in NH and vacationed in Florida and now live in Florida so I may have to choose both charms…..
I am a old follower 🙂


I am a beloved blog follower of you. Follow Alter Designs on Twitter. And will definitely post this on my blog. (6 entries) (My name will probably link you to my blog)

I love the name letter Lauren Conrad necklaces they have but would definitely get a NC necklace from them and they are such great prices.


i love the pearl drop earrings from alter designs -1 entry
i followed alter designs on twitter
-1 entery
i am a follower
-1 entry


I think the state necklaces are my favorite-1
I'm a follower-1
I blogged about it-3
5 entries for me! WooHoo. Love this giveaway.


3 entries, please! 🙂

I'm a follower of alterdesigns on twitter, and a follower of your blog! my favorite product are their teardrop earrings–so many great colors, so versatile! what a GREAT giveaway. i'd love the maryland state charm 🙂


My fave is DEFINITELY the Florida necklace! Gotta rep the Sunshine state!

I also follow your blog & I am now following alterdesigns on twitter, so that should be three entries.


I love the initial necklaces!I follow your blog, and alterdesigns on twitter, and I blogged about the giveaway!
Love the NY necklace!
6 entries!

CAC muffin

I course I love the state necklaces – who doesn't wanna show there state some love!

1 Duh of course I follow College Prep blog 🙂
2 duh of course follow @alterdesigns 🙂


These are so cute – I want one for home and one for school!
My favorite are the script letter necklaces, and I follow the blog – 2 entries!


Count me in for this! These necklaces are so fun. I would love to win a Pennsylvania necklace. The tiny gold script initial necklaces are also really pretty.

I am also now following your blog and I am going to post this on the sidebar of my blog under the giveaways section. Please count me in 3 times.

An Inquiring Mind

Love the state necklaces, mine would be Massachusetts! 🙂

I'm a follower of them on Twitter. 3 entries, please. 🙂 Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!!


I love the wedding bouquet charms! So classy.
I follow your blog…
I follow Alter Designs on Twitter…
I just blogged about this glam giveaway!

SIX entries…
Thanks CP 🙂


Your blog is great. I follow you now. I like the SC necklace and the script initial necklaces. I already follow Altter designs on twitter, that is how i found you. I will blog about your giveaway.

Classic Tart

I love those necklaces! I just got back from Arizona and I love it there so I love the AZ state necklace. I am a follower. I'm following Alter Designs on Twitter. And I will blog about your giveaway tomorrow!!!


I've been looking into getting a state necklace since I saw them on another blog, and actually stumbled upon this etsy store once before! I love love love the Georgia charm (GO DAWGS!) but I think my absolute favorite is Art Nouveau Gold Initial "M" because I love little chain necklaces that I can wear alone or layered (like my dogeared pearl and my gold locket from when I was a baby)

I commented and followed your blog (that I stumbled upon after you post on the Lilly facebook) so that's two entries!


I am OBSESSED (!) with the state charms AND your blog! So glad I stumbled across this today

I'm following your blog, and now I'm following Alter Designs on twitter.


First, my favorite is the Green Quartz and Calcedony Necklace!

I am a CP follower
I follow AD on Twitter (& you)

So 3 entries! (fav piece, follow you, follow AD)


I follow your blog too!! The New York necklace would be cool for my sister!! Um,come by my blog and enter my giveaway too!