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I am super excited about this giveaway.  CafePress is offering one lucky College Prep reader a custom snap stamper kit!!! 
CafePress has so many products on their website, like custom invitations and custom stationery.
The custom stamper has been on my Christmas list for years… but I can never choose what design I want, so I never end up getting it… but it’s so perfect.
My friend Ali used to stamp all of her assignments and folders and binders and textbooks with hers.  She had her Georgetown NetID (which is also our email address), name, and phone number.  I think it’s a great way to really leave your mark!
You can also use the stamp for return address labels.  Also, you can turn virtually anything into a business card.
The tricky (but truthfully the fun) part is choosing which design you’d like!  There are SO many!!!
I am a bit partial to the monograms!

CafePress also offers a bunch of collegiate designs.

And sorority ones too!

The little designs are super personal and are an added touch to your paper products.
Other favorites of mine:


LOVE the Tampa Stamp!
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I would love one with my initials that says "From the LIbrary of" it would be great to personalize my massive library!


I don't even know how I would choose! I'd probably do something with my monogram just so I could use it on everything! This is such a great giveaway Carly!


I'd definitely pick one of the monograms! Whenever I seal a letter I always write my monogram by hand, but this would be so much better!!!


These are so great! I love the idea of using them for school assignments and supplies. I would pick a monogrammed stamp with my personal information around it!


I'd probably pick the last one, except it'd obviously be changed to my hometown in Virginia instead of Tampa! Thanks for such a great giveaway. Fingers crossed.

Anne Dallas

I would love the monogramed stamp! These are SO cute. I love your blog- it's the hi light of my busy school week. Thanks for always being so informative and upbeat!


If I wasn't in college and always moving, I would pick the monogrammed one with the address around the outside. But since I probably won't have a permanent address for a while, I think I would just go with a simple monogram with block letters!


I love these! I've been looking for a return address stamp to help with my New Year's resolution of writing more!

K Money

I already have a return address label stamp but I would love to have another alternative! Mine is darling and these other designs are perfect! Love them all!


I think if I haddd to choose I would go with one of the cute symbols in the middle and my name around the outside! Then I could use it no matter where I end up!


Like you, I've wanted one of these and had it on my Christmas list for years!
Boyfriend and I moved into a new apartment (first home together!) on the first and I'd get the first monogram design with our new address!


ooh, tough choice…I love the monogram ones for something professional to use as a student. but I also love the address stamp with the heart over Tampa – I'd pick a different location, of course, because I don't live in Tampa, but I just think that's clever.


I have been REALLY wanting one of these and can't decide which one I want TOO and since I just moved I want one even more badly!! So so cute! Love the monogrammed ones!


So many to choose from! But I already have a similar monogram and return address one so I think I'd go for something a little more personal to give my letters an extra cute touch. I have two horses so I love the one of the rearing horse.

Morgan K

gahh your giveaways are always so awesome! This stamp would be perfect for all of the mail I've been sending out lately! I think I would choose either one of the monograms or the whale (which it too cute!)

Amanda Gehring

I think I'd pick a monogram design, although there are so many monogram choices that it would be hard to decide. I think it would be great to use as I am sending out resumes, cover letters, and getting ready to move out on my own for the first time after graduation in May. Love this giveaway!


As a (hopefully!!) soon to be young professional with the possibility of moving, I would select one with my name/mobile and address in the already existing quatrefoil design as a nod to my sorority!

casey k

I love what your friend did! I would get one that has a monogram center and a full name border so I can stamp all of my school supplies or books I lend out!


I would LOVE the monogrammed ones-especially the ones with the full 3 letter monogram on it in a cursive font. It would be perfect for just about everything- cards, books I lend out, folders! I also love the whale and the pineapple!

Thanks for another great giveaway!


I would love a monogramed one with my name and e-mail for notebooks, folders, stationery, and thank you notes of course 🙂


I have looked at these so many times! But I am always moving so I haven't bought one yet. I think I would just get a monogrammed one.


I would definitely choose one of the monogrammed designs! I love the one with the single initial and my name around it!


I would choose one where I could include my name, initials, and email. I love the idea of the instant business card!!


I would definitely want the traditional monogram! You can never have too many things with your monogram on it 🙂 Awesome giveaway, thanks Carl!


Having a hard time choosing between the Palm tree, the Pineapple, and the Achor with the Rope tied thru it! So many beautiful designs!! This stamper has been on my wishlist for 3 years now!!!!
Cathy B*****y pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com

mattielou chandler

They make one that has a Flor-de-lis on it that would be perfect as a housewarming gift for my boyfriends sister and husband who just moved to New Orleans. Flor-de-lis are everywhere there and what better way for them to send a little bit of their new city than with each letter they send?? It's small, perfect, and classic.


Thanks to you and Cafe Press for offering this giveaway! I already have a monogram stamp, so I think I'd choose the whale or pineapple. They are so cute!


monogram for sure but not sure what address I'd use? Maybe just email and phone #! Or one that says something like "From the Kitchen of:" So many choices!

The Cableknit Chronicles

Ah!! I've been searching for one of these forever!!! I have a huge stack of blank pink and white fold over stationery cards that I want to stamp my monogram on! So I would definitely choose one of the monogramed stamps.


Since I'm graduating so soon, I'd have to pass on one of the fabulous sorority stamps. I think the monogram stamps are the perfect way to transition into my classy post-grad years.