I didn’t watch any episodes of Glee last semester (because, remember, I cut out TV altogether).  This summer, however, I am TOTALLY hooked on THE GLEE PROJECT.
If you’re not watching, find it On Demand or online or something and get caught up.  Seriously.  I am beyond in love with the show.  The concept: Competition show and the winner gets a role on Glee.  Yep.  WATCH.
I would just like to point out how annoying it is that the show was clearly previously recorded.  Why?  Because the entire cast went around giving television interviews before the season premier and I’m pretty sure I know who wins based on the interviews.  Er.  Oh, well.  Still entertaining!!!
Soccer Mom and I just finished watching this Sunday’s episode and I am heartbroken!  Cameron is the sweetest thing ever!  And saving Damien!  Phew, what an episode.  (Blackbird is also definitely one of my favorite songs, like, ever.)
Obviously, I follow The Glee Project on Twitter and Tumblr!  I saw this video posted of Damien and Cameron.  #presh
Oh, and seriously I am going to be listening to every single one of Cameron’s music videos.  Just because he’s off the show doesn’t mean I’m ready to give up my crush on him.  Just sayin’.
I’m even willing to convert for him.  You know, in case he’s a College Prepster fan and reads this and decides to marry me.

End of crazy fanatic post.


PS Anyone else a fan?!?

PPS I love Damien and Hannah too!!!!

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Did I tell you that Hannah went to Queens, my tiny little college in Charlotte and was friends with a bunch of my friends??? I'm hoping I'll get to meet her. She's my absolute favorite Queens alum or not, I just love her voice and her attitude!
Wasn't a Cam fan for the show, to be honest, but I love his voice!


I love the Glee project! I was so disappointed when both Marissa and Cameron left. With the exception of Alex, I think that I'd be happy if anyone of the top 5 won.


I absolutely LOVE the show!And I was super proud of Cameron standing up for what he believed (I'm a Christian too, and we share the same beliefs on saving sex for marriage). I also loveee Damien. And Hannah too!


I have never watched glee but I got completely hooked on the Glee project too. It was finally a unique reality show in the entertainment/media project area. I like Hannah and Damien the most for sure!


I got hooked part way through the season. Gotta say I love Damian and Lindsay (her talent, not so much her ego). Not really a big Cam fan b/c he just felt a little out of place but I hope he does well solo- it seems a better fit for him!