I did a post 11 months ago about how to wear leopard and still look, you know, somewhat normal.  I think animal prints can sometimes go way, way, way too far.
There’s a fine line between “Omg, so cute!” and “Omg, what were you thinking!”  I may or may not have crossed the line on this one.  I think the jury’s still out.  Let me know what you think!
I just bought these Steve Madden leopard flats.  I do like to try out trends every now and then.  These shoes definitely have the menswear and animal print in all in one.
Okay, okay… I know.  They’re kind of… crazy.  But here is a polyvore I put together with ideas of how I plan on wearing them.  They are quite comfortable and versatile.  I think they can definitely be dressed up or worn casual.  I like how they have way more coverage than a ballet flat (for colder days!), but still have a similar look.

Not too bad, right?
Thoughts?  Anyone else jumping on this bandwagon?

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I like the shape of the shoe, but I've never been a fan of animal prints. I pet they make this in a zebra too, don't they?


I really like them! I think those are great outfits. I struggle too with trendier things but these are great because you can wear them with outfits that are not too trendy.


i love them and just did a post on Leopard shoes, however I prefer a pump to a flat (however leopard print pumps are fairly difficult to find without looking semi trashy or at least cheap) but i do like these flats.

Annica Benning

I love love that shoe! I also love the black pony hair, and the patent leather versions. I would scoop them all up if I could…. I'm a 10.5 and they only go up to 10..WAH


Leopard and menswear styles look great on their own but mixed together, it comes off slightly tacky… I'm sorry!

Legally Brunette Kate

I say cute! I've been looking for a great pair of leopard pumps…I think leopard shoes are a great way to try out the animal print trend without going overboard. Pretty much a true classic.


The flats add a bit of ecclecticim to what would be a very traditional look. I prefer outfits one and two over the jean ensemble. A hint(an accessory) of color brought upwards, possibly red would tie all the pieces together, nicely, in my opinion.

Kendall Barrett

I totally have these as well! They are super cute and go with a lot of things! Good choice! They go really well with colored crop skinny jeans fyi! 🙂