Glittery Sparkly Nails

I’m convinced that my glittery nails have some sort of magical powers that will help me on my exam today………
On that note, I’m OBSESSED with glitter.
A much longer, detailed post about my GLITTER obsession to come.
That is, once I have a chance to breathe.
PS While I’m off taking a super hard finance exam (bah), you should enter my giveaway 🙂 xo
PPS I made a friend in my Digital Art class, and she is super obsessed with nail polish and knows everything there is to know about nail polish…. She filled me in on all the best glittery nail polishes!!!  So stay tuned!

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So cute! I just bought glitter nail polish for Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season – OPI's Only Gold For Me


OPI Mad as a Hatter and OPI Catch me in your Net are my very favorite glittery polishes! I have a baddd obsession with nail polish- ive hit 41 bottles since last december!