‘Tis the Season…

… to start planning those holiday outfits.
Everyone probably owns a LBD… at least they should!  Instead of buying a handful of dresses for each party, I put together some looks on how to put together interesting new looks for the little black dress.
winter wonderland
A shorter, simple dress can be spiced up with a pair of glittery silver pumps and matching clutch.  With bold shoes, go light on the jewelry.  Remember: Less is more.
jingle bells
The longer sleeves on this dress will help showcase flashy jewelry.  Layer gold bangles and baubles.  And don’t forget the headband!
deck the halls
If you look closely, this dress has some delicate features along the one-shoulder.  The dress speaks quite loudly for itself.  Keep your feet happy with simple shoes and go very light on jewelry.
Even if you already have your holiday dresses planned, keep a LBD ready to go in your closet.  You never know when you might need it!

PS Warm up with a monogrammed scarf!

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I love this post! I've already planned my go-to holiday party outfit (LBD, cranberry tights, black pumps, and now some gold jewelry thanks to this).

Can I ask if you have the 3G Nook? I can't decide if I'd need to opt for 3G or stick with simply Wifi