Great Gift

The other day I instagrammed (can we make that a verb?) my newest necklace. I am beyond in love with it and considering the comments, tweets, and emails I received inquiring about it… I figured I wasn’t the only one!
It is honestly one of the most creative and most heartfelt pieces of jewelry! It’s the “Favorite Place” necklace by Jill Massey from Sydney Buchanan. You choose a special place and the front of the necklace has the geographical coordinates and the back can have a message.
The picture shows the front and back of mine.
I chose the coordinates of Georgetown and the date that I graduated!
How awesome is that?
Other ideas:
Place of engagement
A special vacation
Your favorite city
I think this necklace would make a great gift for graduations, birthdays, special days, anniversaries, and more!
What city would you choose?
PS Using Google Earth to find the coordinates is really fun!

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So cute! Post a pic wearing it…please! The website doesn't show it on a model and I can't tell the size of it. I want one!


AH! Dying! This is absolutely perfect. I think when I move away I'd buy this and get the coordinates of Downtown Pittsburgh and my birthday, to always remember where I grew up for 22 years. 🙂



Totally in love with this idea. Going to give this to my friend as a graduation present with the coordinates of University of Florida 😀