Organize, Please… Bathroom Drawers

I think that the bathroom is one of the most difficult places to organize. I tend to hoard old makeup (even though I never plan on using it again), free samples, random hair things I’ll never wear, etc. The drawers can end up becoming “junk drawers” really quickly.
It’s pretty intimidating when you know that there is a ton of junk collecting in the drawers… it seems easier to just let the drawers be than to really dig in and do a good clean out.
Since moving back from D.C., I’ve slowly been working on getting my bathroom in order. I worked in steps. First, I take everything out. I go through once and do the easy tosses. Broken ponytail holders, old cosmetic boxes, empty hairspray bottles, etc. Then it gets a little harder. If I haven’t used something in the past month, it gets tossed. See ya!
I used to hang my hair ribbons here, but I don’t wear them anymore. The holder looked quite sad and lonely without anything on it, so I ended up hanging all my necklaces up! I love the way it turned out. (You can find similar hooks at Anthropologie!)

I keep these little jars on the top of the counter. Filled with cotton squares and q-tips, they’re always within reach!

The first drawer is where I keep things I need quite regularly. It makes getting ready in the morning so easy having everything I need right there. In the drawer I keep the makeup I use regularly, hair things, and hair brushes.

I use my Lilly shotglasses, to hold all my hair ties. One holds bobby pins and clips, one holds athletic holders, and the other has regular hair ties. Shotglasses are surprisingly the perfect size for little odds and ends around the bathroom that would otherwise get lost!

The second drawer is filled with makeup I wear, but not on an everyday basis, headbands, and hair spray. I never know how to organize headbands… I don’t wear them that often anymore (because I wear eyeglasses), so it’s not really a big deal how I end up organizing them. I keep all my “soft” headbands rolled up in that Kate Spade box. I tend to use those more, like when I am at the pool, washing my face, or combatting major frizzies.
I store all my jewelry in the last drawer! It’s my favorite one!

Being able to see my favorite bangles is important. I like to know what colors I have so that I can choose the right bracelet! (Even though I’m guilty of wearing the same ones nearly every day!) I like these little baskets. (True story, I used these baskets for a project in elementary school… but they’re just so great that I still use it haha.)

I keep earrings in another Kate Spade box, and just grab ones that I need as I go.

Using jam jars is fun for toothbrushes!

This middle drawer holds a bunch of random stuff. Face creams, cleanses, and lotions. Pills, extra floss, and travel sized toiletries.

I have a serious obsession with these flossers. I used another shotglass for the extras!

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Julia D.

Your "Organize, Please" posts are always a favourite of mine. Completely agree that whenever clutter starts to build up it just becomes progressively harder to deal with.


For the non soft headbands, I read a great tip in American Girl a zillion years ago (don't judge haha). They covered a whole roll of paper towels in fabric and tied off the ends with ribbon (so in the end it looked like a piece of wrapped saltwater taffy). Then, just put your headbands on it! I think the idea is in the American Girl book Groom Your Room if you want to look for it next time you're in Barnes and Noble!! Love all your ideas 🙂


You and I both store our toothbrushes and toothpaste the same way! I keep mine (and my Reach flosser!) in a jam jar as well. I use another jam jar for my cotton rounds that I use to take off my makeup. I use a little mason jar (like a really small one…probably 4 oz.) to store the extra floss head things. Easy access for everything, but it still looks nice and neat.


I really liked that you used objects you could find around the house to organize your drawers. So many times the organization tips involve spending money on baskets and such which just isn't practical for everyone.