Great to Listen to While Working

When did I become the type of person who needs music to listen to??? I remember back in middle school, all of my friends had cool CD players in their bedrooms. I had a tiny green CD player that my sister and I shared. But my friends had ones that would store multiple CDs and everything. They were so cool. I won a player in some random contest (maybe magazine subscription sales???) and thought I was just…. cool. And then I realized that I really hated listening to music. I found it distracting.
Maybe it’s because the office environment at Levo is fast-paced (read: loud), but now I cannot work unless I have something playing. I’ve been listening to “Girl on Fire” literally on repeat. It’s amazing. But sometimes I get a little bit too into it. Maybe not the best song to listen to while doing work that I need to seriously focus on.
Enter Nick Bertke. I don’t know who this guy is, but he’s an absolute musical genius. The mixes that he does are incredible. They’re catchy, but not distracting. In fact, the mixes are downright soothing. They are certainly perfect for listening to while working.
I was looking on Facebook for cute pictures of my sister and me for Instagram. I had posted a link to a Youtube video forever ago on her wall. Such a great Wednesday morning (re)discovery. A Little Princess is definitely one of my favorite movies from my childhood. “Whisperlude” is visually stunning and quite amazing to listen to:
Try to listen to this and not like it… just try.
“Whisperlude” is definitely my favorite, but I had to share some of my other favorite picks too:
I mean… it’s Harry Potter. Yea. It gets really good two minutes in!
The little’s girl voice is just too cute throughout this. Weaving Julie Andrews voice throughout and it’s downright magical.
Goodness, I just can’t get over it!
Okay ready for the most most most amazing one ever???
Goose. Bumps.
What are your favorite Youtube channels and/or videos?

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kenya cords is really great! 🙂 and the HP one… "your a wizard, harry" – "Wicked!"

Lately I've been hearing relax music while studying, it makes me think better 😉


A Little Princess is in my top ten favorite movies of all time. I love it SO much. And Whisperlude is adorable. I love it.


A Little Princess is one of my favorite books of all time and that version is my favorite movie of it! I love that remix so awesome!


Weird… but wonderful. I love "The Third Shift" which is the lifestyle, fitness, diary, travel vlog of a beauty guru (main channel "Misschievous" but I don't think I'm even subscribed to that anymore…).

Also I really like "sxephil" for a funny take on the news, and "Big Ugly Yellow Couch" which is essentially hipster music on a – you guessed it – yellow couch!


Diana [Collegiate Chic]

Oh my gosh, I can't believe this guy has more of these! When you posted about Whisperlude last fall I FELL IN LOVE, I could not stop listening to it. It was the soundtrack to my finals week! I just downloaded a ton more of these – they are so cool and just beautiful to listen to. Absolutely obsessed, thank you SO much for sharing!


I've been needing to listen to music in the office too! I'm currently loving my Pandora station. It's a mix of John Mayer, Gavin Degraw, and Boyce Avenue. It's perfection!


Michelle's Life

I listen to symphony music while studying. It helps me sleep to depending on the mood of the music. Pandora is a good place to listen to all kinds of music.