A Little R&R

Right now, I’m trying to plan a trip to go back to Florida for a weekend… but between ridiculously overpriced flights and busy weekend schedules, it’s proving to be a rather difficult task.
I did do something last night though that was equally out of character for me and wonderful.
I got a massage.
Seriously, I’ve only had one before. It was in Mexico on the beach, which was beautiful! But, in typical Carly fashion, I simply could not relax feeling that exposed outside.
After that experience, I knew that massages were great… but they probably just weren’t my thing. However, for like two weeks, I’ve been extraordinarily tense. I woke up one morning and couldn’t move my neck. The muscles in my shoulders have been painful to the touch. I don’t even notice how tense I am… until I start to feel my shoulders touch my earlobes. (This is only a slight exaggeration.)
I was trying to get recommendations from friends of great places to go without breaking the bank. Unfortunately, every place that I called seemed to be booked out into eternity. I turned to Yelp and found this (literal) hole in the wall place one block from my apartment. Was it a little bit sketchy? Yes…. at first. But everyone there ended up being super friendly and respectful. (One thing that drives me crazy about “service” based stores is when they try to up-sell you on everything.)
30 minutes felt like 30 hours. It. Was. Perfect.
I really can’t believe that I’ve waited that long in the first place. I must admit that I’m a smidge nervous about getting completely hooked. I can see myself going basically every day after work…
An actual break (no technology, no plans) is definitely in order, but this was a great interim solution!
How do you squeeze a little bit of relaxation/pampering into your life?


PS You should check out Lifebooker! You can get amazing deals on all sorts of appointments (like massages, nails, hair… etc.).

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Paige Ladisic

If you're that tense on a regular basis, you might look into a chiropractor! I went to one during my senior year of high school when my stress was at an all time high, and not only can they help relieve a lot of that tension and stress, but they also recommend exercises and other things you can do to make your muscles loosen up. It's a big help!

xx, Paige

Material Culture

I think I probably have similar back issues and what has been a godsend for me is floating – might be worth looking into if you feel weird getting a massage.
It also apparantly has a meditative, relaxing quality to it but I've never really found that myself


I wish I could enjoy massages, but like you said I feel too "exposed." Also, I'm EXTREMELY ticklish, and the last massage I had completely failed because I would tense up and push the person away haha. In addition I simply find it impossible to "free your mind of all outside thoughts."


I've always loved massages and usually get one once a quarter (I wish I could go more often, but they can be pricey). Another great way to save on massages is Spa Week. I did it in the fall – you can't beat $50 massages! It is happening again next week and I think this post is the push I need to book an appointment. 🙂


Since you live in NYC area, can you let me know the place? I'd love to purchase a massage for my daughter at the same place. Thank you,


I treated myself to a massage after a ridiculously stressful show this semester, and I could have cried from relief. Expensive on a college girl's budget? Definitely. But if you trade in a couple of weeks of starbucks for an hour of bliss? So, so worth it. Can't wait to go back…maybe at the end of the summer!

Murielle Francois

A massage sounds great right about now! Lol I relax by taking baths! Sitting in the bath tub in hot water is great. Lush is one of my favorite stores when it comes to bath bombs and organic soaps. A bath and mask is how I relax.

Cairee Alyse

I got my first massage recently. It was specifically back/neck/shoulder but he did my whole back too. It was glorious! I got a 25 minute one and you're right… it felt like hours!! I want to go back for more. Yesterday I treated myself to a blow out and deep conditioning treatment 🙂